Manly wrist watches make manly hands

Watches make manly hands:

Manly wrist watches make manly Hands.

“Watches are so named as a reminder – if you do not watch carefully what you do with your time, it will slip away from you” – Drew Sirtors.

Watches were basically evolved from portable ‘spring driven’ watches, when people needed to know the time at different points during their day and they could not carry those watches along with them everywhere they travelled. Hence, pocket watches were invented. The difficulty arrived when the watch had to be taken out from your pocket every now and then, especially when you were in the middle of something. People started wearing leather bands with their watches so that they may hold their watches as they completed their tasks. That’s how wrist watches came into existence. Back in that period, only the most elite business men and other important people such as pilots and divers used to wear watches and that too, the Rolex watches. As the time advanced, people started wearing more and more by each passing era. Until today, when people prefer having mobile phones and digital clocks with them rather than wearing a proper wrist watch at all times of the day. Nowadays watches are not only consider as a device which shows time but it can be carry as a fashion accessory. Specially for men because it surely gives a manly touch in their personalty. So its completely a true saying that watches make manly hands.

Manly wrist watches make manly hands:

Manly wrist watches make manly Hands.

“When none but the wealthy had watches, they were almost all very good ones; few are now are made which are worth much, but everybody has one in his pocket” – Alexis de Tocqueville.

I found just the right quote to express what was on my mind. Watches now have gotten very common; every other person owns one. Some of them are casual, the rest, fancy. With watches I guess it goes like ‘the fancier the watch the fancier you would look’ or simply ‘the manly the watch, the manlier you would be thought of’. People tend to buy the watches that are bigger and broader in size and heavier in weight; this defines a class and wealth. People who wear watched are often thought of as punctual; they value their time, and are very well-organized. Sometimes it gives off vibes of confidence, leadership qualities, ambitiousness and plenty of others.

Manly wrist watches make manly Hands.

You can pick a watch that goes well with your personality. You have plenty of options to choose from. Some of the top ones include, “the Rolex”- people owning Rolex are known to be achievers in their life. The next one in line is, “PatekPhilipee” which often lets others know how filthy rich you might be. “Peneri” surrounds you with an air similar to that around a hipster. “Breitling” tells that you are a quick learner with a business mind. You started learning well early in your life and are assumed to be among the high achievers. Men with “Jaeger-LeCoultre” are considered honorable and tradition following men. The “Dive Watches” are one of the assets you should definitely acquire.

Manly wrist watches make manly Hands.

Watches are a non current asset; they last for centuries. This is why watches are basically used as hand me downs by grandfathers to their grand children from the next generation. It’s a once in a lifetime investment. But I’m sure its worth it.