Its all about style – Wrist watches:

Wrist watches:

Wrist watches

A man’s style is somewhat complicated than a woman’s style, especially when we talk about accessories. Unlike women, men can’t wear everything and anything to style themselves. In today’s age, nothing perfectly defines a man’s personality and class as much as a decent watch does. A fine watch explains the societal class of man and his interest in fashion and style. A chic man knows his watches like the back of his hand. When we talk about wrist watches, style keen men rely on different watches for different times.

You’re probably wondering how it is so easy to wear a watch with such proper knowledge. No worries.By giving you a very fascinating and practical guidance about some very gorgeous and luxury watches, this article can make you awatch-savvy!

В It’s all about style – Wrist watches:

  • Everyday watch:

Wrist watches

An everyday watch is too simple and decent hence, the name. Its stainless steel leaves no question about its versatility. The steel prevents the watch from rusting. One most important thing is that you can wear it with almost all types of dresses; whether it’s your office, a friend’shouse, a birthday party or any super market. It goes with a casual as well as a semi-formal look. Unlike colorful watches like purple blue or yellow which reduce your combination options with your outfit, everyday watch is free from this kind of an issue. So, wear an Omega if you’re going out with your college friends. Also, Seiko and Kenneth Cole offer a wide range of elegant watches for everyday use, at very reasonable prices.

  • Leather band watch:

Wrist watches

Often overlooked, classic and sober leather band watches are available at almost any color you put your finger on. You can happily wear them at different occasions and places from formal to casual to punk.

Fossil’s range of leather watches has earned recommendations. These watches are not only decent for formal events but equally affordable. The best part is, you get to choose your own dials; a brown band with golden dial or a black band with silver dial. You can wear them with denims, suits and Tuxedos confidently.В  You can have a Fossil watch hardly in $100. The other very reasonable recommendation is a Rolex leather watch.

  • High end watch:

Wrist watches

Some of the very classyand most expensive time pieces arethe High end watches. The most popular sellers of high end watches are Rolex and Omega. Of course, it would be a very big investment but the output is commendable. Carry these well and experience the wonders.

  • Digital watches:

Wrist watches

Despite of ever appealing technological accessories, the digital watches are quite expensive to buy and the least stylish to wear. Yet, these have firm grounds and possess far too many advantages for the sport lovers and those who work out,extensively. The best of digital watches are Nike and Casino watches. These are not only good to wear to Gym but they are also very affordable.

A luxury watch in your hand or in the wardrobe is always very intriguing. It tells how much you praise your style statement and how keen you are to maintain class and decency in your style as well as in your wardrobe collection. So it’s all about style: with what, to where and why you wear a watch. A watch is always a staple to your gorgeous look that helps add brightness to your overall look.