How to dress up like a akon

Akon is the man of this time, seriously! His fashion taste, dressing skills and the way he carry his dark colored body make him incredible and in-resistant for women. According to many people, Akon would not be so attractive to women if he was not famous. But I don’t agree to such people. Because your fashion and style skills makes you look attractive, your profession don’t. So whoever you are, from which profession you are, you can dress like Akon confidently if you know well about the fashion and style secrets of Akon. So here we are going to highlight some very important fashion tips that Akon, a great Musician of the Time, uses to make himself prominent in the galaxy of stars.

Akon’s variations in style:

Like every star, Akon is also very choosy for fashion. For every event he wants to look different. Even in casual Akon try to wear something stylish to show off his stardom. It’s the matter of fact that every star wants to show off his or her stardom even when he or she is on bed or in swimming pool. So what greater than showing off with a great dressing? So is the case with Akon. So, if you want to dress like Akon, remember don’t stick to the same style or same fashion and make a same style your signature look. Be different on every occasion.

Akon’s selections for different occasions:

We see Akon wearing a dress that looks best for the type of place, event and time. Here we encode Akon’s most favorite closet items and we will guide you about how to carry them like Akon:

  • Tank Top: Akon has an athletic body type so he loves to wear something that fits his athletic body and make him look perfect. So, Tank top is Akon’s typical dress. You can watch him wearing tank top almost everywhere combining it with other stylish stuff.
  • Bomber Jackets: Akon loves H&M brand and especially the Bomber Jackets by H&M. Akon usually combine its tank tops with his iconic Bomber jackets which is one of the coolest combination of Akon. The jacket is made of nylon and the color Akon likes the most is grey. It’s a casual wear of Akon.
  • Jeans: jeans is one of the favorite closet item of Akon. The mostly used jeans brand of Akon is H&M. Akon has been observed wearing jeans in both formal and informal occasion combining it with stuff according to event and occasions. Light blue jeans color is most favorite of Akon.
  • T-Shirts and Tops: cotton t-shirts with Bomber jackets and jeans is Akon’s casual wear. Akon love light colors, his most favorite color is outer wear is White. So is the case with T-shirts. Akon has a variety of White and Half white t-shirts.
  • Suits: at very formal and fashion events, Akon’s foremost priority is always a decent and stylish suite. Akon is one of those who carry suits with an iconic style. The most favorite colors Akon use in suites are Grey and White.