Herringbone Coat for Men – Add style to your personality

Herringbone Coat for Men

Herringbone Coat for Men.

Herringbone coat for men which is also known as tweed has been in the autumn/winter 2019 collection of a Japanese known Label Beam Plus. This herringbone tweed coat is different and unique by design. The coat is woven by the Harris tweed, a cloth which is woven by human hands in the outer Hebrides. It has a pure virgin wool sewn in it and dyed with the vegetable dyes to achieve the subtle colors.

The herringbone coat has again gained its popularity among the famous men’s wear fashion designers. Some of the popular brands that included the herringbone coat in their collections on the ramps in fashion weeks are Burberry Prorsum, APC Butler, Nike etc.

Color of herringbone coat introduced by the Japanese Label Beam Plus is black and gray. This color adds the class to the men’s wear fashion collection 2019. The classic black and gray color is a shapeless unstructured styling, adding value to the casual wear. This coat has a very lightweight and wind resistant Gore Tex, which is inspired by the Edwardian Country Manor but it can also be good to wear in the modern city. The coat is quite simple with front buttoned pockets, collar with hooks and two inner pockets as well.

Herringbone Coat for Men – Add style to your personality:

  • Which one to go for ?В  – Herringbone coat For Men:

You will find many types of herringbone coats in the stores this season but make sure that the pattern you choose for yourself should reflect your personality. Choose the pattern with very less confusing stripes like very much striped pattern may look less versatile.

herringbone pea coat.

herringbone pea coat.

So be careful while purchasing a herringbone coat for yourself. Keep in mind every aspect of your personality.

  • Keep It Simple and Casual:

You want to keep it simple sometimes. But don’t worry, simple doesn’t mean that you can only wear it in formal occasions, infact, you can wear it in every occasion you want.

Herringbone casual coat.

Wear it over a T-shirt for a more casual look. It is recommended to complete your look with a colored trousers and deseart boots.

  • Compliment the color:

Herringbone Coat for Men - Add style to your personality - Menfash

Herringbone Wool coat.

Herringbone Coat for Men - Add style to your personality - Menfash

tweed coat.

When it comes to wearing a herringbone coat, it is most tricky and difficult to decide what type of pant should we go for. Don’t worry Answer is simple. You can compliment the minor color of your herringbone coat with your pants. For example, if you are wearing a checked khaki color herringbone coat, you can complement it with a khaki shade pant.

  • Wear the Right Boots:

Of course, you should take care of the boots you will be wearing with the herringbone coat. The ideal shoes for herringbone coat can be round-toe suede leather boots.

Herringbone tweed coat.

The tweed or herringbone coats were once scratchy but the latest versions are very soft and classic. The most classic tweeds or herringbone coats are of Harris. The fabric is hand woven, hand spun, hand carded by the individual crafters in Scotland’s outer Habrides as we have mentioned above. its a little rough when you touch it but it is water resistant and very durable.

Invest in the herringbone coat this season and stock up your wardrobe with the trendy yet classic jacket. The herringbone coat will keep your body warm as well add style to your personality. Give it a try this season and enjoy the autumn/winter season in style.