2016s trendy shoes for your wardrobe

2016’s trendy shoes:

2016’s trendy shoes.

It is no surprise for us to know that our style and our fashion reveal a lot about one’s personality. In fact it is the style and fashion knowledge that gives you an edge over others. And not just that, В a good and stylish outfit makes us feel elite and out of this world. Well, men are not very particular about the little things that play an important role in their lives. All they focus is on having good and nice clothes and that’s it. Which is an entirely wrong concept I must say. Among many important things that you need for your grooming and style one of the most important one is your foot wear. In this article we will talk about 2016’s trendy shoes for men.

2016’s trendy shoes for your wardrobe:

Most of the men think that if they keep two pairs of shoes in your wardrobe they are good to go all round the year. With all due apologies dear men, you are fairly wrong! Your shoe tells about your attitudes, your hygiene and your neatness besides giving you a style. So from now on make a wardrobe of your shoes just as you do for your clothes. When we talk of foot wears, knitted foots wears are an ever green type. They hardly go out dated and the best thing about them is that they are more durable than any other type. But you should be worried about it if you don’t like or if you don’t have knitted footwear.

  • The black and brown leather shoes:

2016’s trendy shoes.

Yes, when you plan to update your shoe wardrobe the first thing that you need to get in is the black and brown leather shoes. These shoes are a perfect office or formal wear with your dress pants. Also, the black and brown colors are somewhat universal in men’s wardrobe so it goes with every color of your outfit.

  • The loafers:

2016’s trendy shoes.

Loafers are also a must have of men’s wardrobe. Whether it’s an office wear or a casual occasion you can carry them everywhere. There are many different materials and designs of loafers. If you are more of an office guy then you should take suede loafers or if you need them for casual wear then you can wear the one with small tassles in it.

  • Sneakers:

2016’s trendy shoes.

Yes long gone are those days when sneakers were meant for your sports and gym only. In the past few fashion seasons the different styles and colors of sneakers have made a room for themselves. There are easily worn with semi formal attires. The sneakers have made their way through streets, ramps and playgrounds.

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  • The leather boots:

2016’s trendy shoes.

Are you still under the old illusion of boots being a cow boy or hiker’s foot wear? Well, it’s time that you stop thinking about this. This is the time of fashion where a style dominates the old ideology. So stock your wardrobe with a nice leather boots that you can wear in your routine as well as in your adventures.

So this was all about a brief idea of setting up your wardrobe. Hope this little guide will save you from running to the market every time when you plan to wear a new outfit.

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