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Professional Business Attire for Men – Elegant and Smart

Professional business attire for men

Professional business attire for men.

There are two kinds of a guy, the one who wants to look professional, whereas, the other category belongs to the ones who don’t care much about their personal grooming. They don’t like following business standards, rather, go for anything they like or see. But is it really OK? В Well, I don’t think so. To be a professional business man, there are certain code of conducts which you should follow. Like wearing a professional business man attire and considering each and every aspect of your personality in detail, as it is something which every business men should do in order to achieve the success you always desired of. Because in a modern era like this, not only your intellectual skills count, but the way you dress yourself carries an equal importance. So my today’s article would be on the importance of professional business men attire in ones wardrobe.

Professional business attire for Men – More Elegant and Smart:

  • Look charming by your shirt and neck tie combo:

Professional business attire for men.

Usually guys are so immune to business men attire that they hardly know how to make a good neck tie knot. They don’t even know how to make a perfect contrast with the shirt he is about to wear. Wearing a professional attire is not the only thing you have to consider but you have to be conscious about its color combination too. Remember, you shirt and tie must be of opposite intensities. Means if you are going to wear a light colored shirt, then you are required to pick a darker tone as far as your necktie is concerned.

Note: Do not go for the same color tones like brown shirt with a brown tie. It doesn’t look good, I tell you.

  • Tie and shirt patterns:

Professional business attire for men.

Plain shirt and tie no doubt looks decent but your motto is not to look just decent. Go for something extra ordinary. So do remember that the check pattern tie are in fashion nowadays and your shirt against your tie must be line patterned. It gives a very sharp and beautiful combination.

  • Coats and pocket squares:

Professional business attire for men.

Add another sophistication to your attire that is a well tailored coat with a pocket square. Your business men attire gets complete with your well tailored coat with fine cuts and a pocket square. Pocket square gives you that height of sophistication which adds stars to your personality.

  • Pants:

Professional business attire for men.

Dress pants must not be so tight because it would give you very odd look. Ask your tailor to stictch t according to your measurement.

  • Hairs cut:

Business casual attire.

You must have a side part hair cut to look like a true professional. Your hairs cut matter because your office is not the place where you can go with long rough and messy hairs.

  • Watch:

Professional business attire for men.

Wear a leather strap watch. Make your mind clear while purchasing a watch for your office attire that you watch must be in golden round dial and dark colored leather straps.

  • Shoes:

Professional business attire for men.

Your office attire needs a dress shoes in plain black or brown color. Black and brown color looks very decent and stylish. Make sure the cleanliness of your shoes before going to the office. Do not go in your suede shoes or desert shoes because it would spoil your image as soon as you enter into your office.

  • Bag:

Professional business attire for men.

Carry a big decent brown or black colored bag which has enough capacity to hold all your documents and accessories. Do not go for small bags that look very odd and girlish.