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How to dress Business Casual – Beginners guide to Professionalism

How to dress “Business Casual”

Business casual dress code.

If you are a newbie and you don’t know how to dress in professional world then here is the guide for you. In this guide we will let you know how to dress “Business casual” and look cool.

How to dress “Business Casual” – BeginnersВ guide to Professionalism:

  • What it Means first of all?

Business casual dress code.

Dress in a Business casual is a phrase that illustrates a style ofВ workplace dress codeВ or we can say way of clothing that is a slightlyВ informalВ as compare to traditional business wear. There are not many dresses that are easy to get right like dark tie. Anyway business casual is not one of them. It’s an essential clothing standard to get right, particularly with dwindle of the business suit. Most of the men believed that business causal means to wear polo shirt, chinos and informal footwear like boat shoes. But in reality it is not ideal clothing for office. Avoid polo shirts as they are made to wear during sports time.

  • Select your business casual Attire carefully:

Business casual dress code.

Now is the ideal time to step your business easy clothing up a score. Now is the right time to dress for business and not for easy. Business casual indicates that is less formal than a suit and tie, not an easy outfit that looks enigmatically satisfactory.

  • Collared or Dress Shirts:

Business casual dress code.

Collared shirts with sport jackets and coats look elegant and magnificent. You should have collared shirts in your wardrobe to dress like business casual. You can wear it comfortably with jeans and it gives you amazing appearance. They are basically made of cotton and denim. Now day’s stripes collared shirts are very much in fashion as it make you look business causal and feel relax. White color is usually regarded as best color to wear in collared shirts for men. There are also few colors like peach, ten, lavender that offer you sophisticated appearance. Collared stripes shirts have generally stripes of bold colors like purple, red and black that provide you admirable look. This is called as perfect dress like business casual. In case you are not wearing tie than unbutton the shirt top button will not look awkward. On the other hand patterned design shirts bring an impressive look in to your personality. So it’s a best selection for men’s to dress business casual. Dress shirts in blue color are the safe standbys. Collared or dress shirts in these particular colors look proper for any business casual settings as it give you professional look.

  • Leather accessories:

Business casual dress code.

In dress like business casual you have great option to wear leather shoes as they look marvelous with jeans and suit. Black is the color that looks graceful with each item of your outfit so it is best suggestion for men’s to wear leather shoes. If we talk about leather accessories than black leather belt is awesome to wear.

  • Pen in your pocket:

Business casual dress code.

It looks really small item but make great impression on others. You should have best quality metal pen in your coat or jacket pocket all the time. It gives you professional look in an elegant manner.

  • Quality over capacity:

Business casual dress code.

An outstandingly principal tip to recall while dressing in either business or business casual clothing is that class is significantly more essential than quantity. One standard wristlet or ring, for instance, will awe your workers or executive more as compare to an armful of bangles or rings on each finger. In the same vein, a best class leather portfolio will be more inspiring. Always remember one thing that appearance really matters so be choosy about your attires.