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Electric razors: Which one to buy?

Electric razors: Which one to buy? - Menfash

Electric razors:

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Electric razors are now available in different varieties having different features to cope up with different kind of needs. Like, most of the electric razors we see now days are rechargeable, cordless, reliable and far better as compared to old methods of trimming. They can help you to remove both, unwanted facial hair and body hair with minimal difficulties under a very short time. However, it is not like you can go for any Electric razor you like, there are some things that you should consider. Because the best electric razors are the ones, having latest technology, minimal flaws, don’t cause irritation, easy to use and are reliable is nature. But how to find something with such a busy routine? Well, Don’t worry. In order to ease your difficulty a bit, here we have compiled a list of good electric razors that can cope up with each and every demand of yours.

Electric razors: Which one to buy?

  • Foil shavers:

Electric razors.

This is one of the best shavers of 2015 for men. It has unique technology having straight heads with oscillating blades that oscillate under fine perforated aluminum foil. These blades cut your facial hairs by oscillating movement. The best foil shavers are available in Braun and Panasonic brands. You can have anyone of them for use.

  • Rotary shavers:

Electric razors.

This is another best shaver among the well known shavers of 2015. These shavers have three fine circular heads. These circular heads rotate over your skin. The rotator first pick up the hair and then cut it down. They are very fine and easy to use shavers. You can adjust the length of your hairs to cut according to your need. The best rotary shavers are available in Panasonic and Remington brands. You can have anyone of them but still we recommend the best of your choice.

  • Philips Norelco:

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The electric shavers of Philips Norelco are available in many specifications. The click and style shaver is one of the best in all. The click and style shaver is best for the most versatile guys who want to make the beard styles and maintain them. These shavers have many specifications for different needs. The shavers of Phillip Norelco contain a toolkit which help in adopting and making any beard style that you want to make in no time. They are easy to handle and use. On the other hand they are rechargeable too.

  • Main rechargeable shaver:

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This is a rechargeable shaver with cord. Beside its other features the best feature of this shaver is that you can use it by connecting to the switch even, if you have forgot to charge it before use. They can be used in dry condition only but not in wet condition. They are fine and easy to handle rechargeable shavers.

  • Water proof electric shaver:

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These water proof electric shavers are rechargeable. You can take them into shower even. They can be used both in wet and dry conditions. You will have an amazing experience while using its incredible specs.

  • Cool strip shavers:

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These shavers have cool strips in them. You skin gets warm after and during shaving of your facial hairs. These cool strips cool up your skin as you shave your facial hairs and normalize the shaving warm effect and protect your skin from burning. These shavers are especially good for those guys who have sensitive facial skin issues, but still they are good for all skin types. These cool strip shavers are available in latest Braun series shavers.