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Skin care beauty tips for Men and Women –

Skin care beauty tips for Men and Women

Skin care beauty tips for Men and Women

Today we will talk on Skin care beauty tips for Men and Women.

Skin is the known to be the largest organ of our body. It is the most essential body part that needs extra care, cure and attention. A beautiful, healthy, fresh and glow skin have many expressions. It not only enhances looks but also tells about what is going inside our body. According to Chinese herbal medicine skin is considered to be our third lung.

There are so many skin care beauty tips, treatments, cure and remedies that are available to make our skin look better. But there are some basic guidelines that are needed to be considered and followed first such as to know your skin type, diet apt for your skin, proper lifestyle, some basic treatments other than remedies etc.

It is true that under your top layer of skin there is a skin that is our true skin in condition which is fresh and fairer than the upper one. The reason why the upper layer became dull is your unhealthy lifestyle, improper diet etc. And the truth is that until and unless you don’t work on the basic tips, you won’t get a beauty that is long lasting.

So here we are going to tell you about the basic Skin care beauty tips for men and Women and truth for achieving beautiful skin. And will also guide you to make your skin long-lasting naturally beautiful.

Fact about beauty products – Skin care beauty tips for Men and Women:

All the products available for beauty in the market whether they are made with natural fruits extracts or vegetables or laboratory synthetic etc. are unable to make your skin healthy and glowing if you are:

  • Stressed.
  • Eating junk food.
  • Sleep-deprived.
  • Sedentary etc.

Skin tells the life story of a person. Skin care is inside out that is whatever goes inside your body is shown up outside. It is crucial to reduce the inflammatory response. Simply put these things out of your lifestyle.

Know your skin type:

You should know about your skin type. It will help you to maximize care. Also it will guide to choose the exactly right care treatment for your skin. Here are to know your skin type:

  • Oily to normal skin people have shiny skin on t-zone areas that is forehead, nose, chin.
  • Oily skin people have all over shiny skin most of the time.
  • Dry to normal skin people feels their skin tight. Also skin gets dehydrated after every few hours.
  • Dry skin people have dry skin especially around the areas of cheek and eyes. They usually feel dry. Their skin looks dehydrated.

Diet for skin:

  • Eat a variety of fruits.
  • Add in diet green vegetables as much as you can.
  • Mediterranean diet is also great for skin health.
  • Add salmon and other foods rich in omega 3 in your diet.
  • Avoid too much sugar intake it is inflammatory.

Skin care Beauty tips for men and Women – Treatments:


  • Keep your skin clean use a good cleanser.
  • Clean your skin daily.
  • Use milk. It is an effective natural skin cleanser.


  • Moisturize dry skin twice a day and overnight.
  • Moisturize using natural oils like almond or jojoba oil.
  • They keep skin hydrated.
  • Add sheen and glow to skin.


  • Exfoliate skin using a good scrub.
  • It refreshes skin.
  • Remove dead skin cell.
  • Open clogged pores and make skin smoother.


  • Use toners for oily skin.
  • Also you can use natural fruit acids as toners.


  • Remember a little and light sunlight is healthy for skin.
  • But always protect skin from strong and direct sunlight.
  • Avoid by wearing an apt sunscreen for your skin.

Green tea:

  • Use Green tea.
  • It is anti-inflammatory.
  • It helps purify body from toxins.
  • It hydrates body and also helps to heal skin.

Drink water:

  • Drink lots of water to clean out harmful toxins.
  • And to keep body and skin well hydrated.


  • Exercise daily for 20-30 minutes.
  • It will help to shed stress hormones.
  • It will improve circulation.

Beauty sleep:

  • Always take proper and complete beauty sleep.
  • It helps skin to regenerates. Also helps in hormone balance.

Avoid smoking:

  • Don’t smoke. Avoid smoking of all types.
  • Also stay away from other people smoking.
  • Also keep away from other obvious pollutants.

Hope our guide “Skin care beauty tips for Men and Women” brought fruitful results to your skin.

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