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How to wash your face properly in winter season

Wash your face properly in winter season:

How to wash your face properly in winter season

How to wash your face properly in winter season?

After getting up in the morning, getting fresh is the foremost task we do. The washing of face is not a difficult task, but many of us who wash their face, often forget to remove dirt adequately. Hence, everyone needs to learn washing of the face in the appropriate manner. When we learn something consciously, ultimately, we take care of those objects that have been added to our consciousness lately. Well, move on to the next point washing of face if done once in a day it will produce no good result for you. Because our long-running and exposure to the environment demands us to keep ourselves clean. So, here I will let you some of the most appropriate ways to wash your face properly in winter season in order to keep your face in a good shape.

How to wash your face properly in winter season:

Washing of face needs a face wash, a scrub, the cotton balls or tissue paper and a skin toner. Once you have got these 4 things, half of your work is done:

  1. First of all wet your face with warm water, splash water onto your face with the help of your hands. Usage of water will wipe out the first layer of dust on your face. So, wetting your skin will become easy for you and you can apply a face wash after it.
  2. Face wash of any branded company will be good to use. However, if you have oily skin or you have acne problem, then you can use a medicated face wash depending upon your need. Otherwise, a normal skin cleanser would do the job. Take out face wash and then apply it on your face gently. Now start massage with the tips of your finger on your forehead, cheeks and below the eyes. Do this at least for two to three minutes so that all the dirt particles and sebum attached to your skin get off.
  3. Now, wash your skin and then take a scrub. The scrub has granules in it, these granules work as pore opener. The epidermal layer of skin has pores which is found often blocked due to the collection of sebum and dust particle. And this is the reason why our skin becomes dead. When you scrub your face it exfoliate your skin, let your skin breath easy and glow.
  4. After massaging with scrub use cotton balls to clean your skin. Then wash out your face with water and then take a tissue paper to dry your skin.
  5. When your skin becomes dry take skin shiner or skin toner, it works as a brightening agent. It gives your face the required freshness. After applying the toner leave your face for a few minutes unless it becomes dry. Once done, you will have your skin in the bests of shape.

There might be people questioning the long procedures. But, if you want to have a fresh and glowing skin you will need to do this and you know it won’t take much time after all. All you need is ten minutes to complete this whole process and upon regular implementation, it will become a habit of yours.

Note: If you are outside the home use face wash and tissue paper to clean your face. A medicated face wash will be good for you if you have a greater exposure to the outer environment.

So, now as you have learnt how to wash your face properly, I hope you will follow it and find it fruitful.