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Causes of acne – The uninvited guest

Causes of Acne:

The 6 main causes of acne.

Acne is a very common condition of skin. Its medical name is Acne Vulgaris. It may occur on face as well as back or on the neck. Its occurrence varies from minor to major. It is mostly found in teenagers because the oil glands of skin which are referred as sebaceous glands are born in puberty. The percentage of its occurrence ranges to 80% among teenagers. However, the best part is that it is treatable. But before one go on to remedies i.e. how to get rid of acne and acne scars, one must understand what causes acne and its background.

Causes of Acne – The 6 main reasons:

As acne is one of the most common problems that people face these days, here are the 6 main causes that actually cause acne or accelerate its growth. So do get yourself aware of them and use preventive measures in order to avoid them.

  • Accumulation of Oil:

Oily Accumulation

Acne is produced when the follicles get blocked due to accumulation of oil (sebum) secreted by the sebaceous i.e. oil glands. Accumulation occurs when the internal system produces too much sebum and dead skin cells. This accumulation creates a soft plug which gives bacteria a favorable environment to take birth due to which bacteria produces and results in inflammation. Dirt is also one of the reasons for causing blockage in the follicle.

If the follicle wall bulges it forms a white head. If the plug is open the oil and bacteria gets dark due to exposure to air forming a black head. Pimples are formed in result of an infection or inflammation in the blocked hair follicles. Due to inflammation, lumps are produced under the surface of the skin forming a pimple.

  • Hormones:


Androgen is a hormone found in human body. In adolescent age, level of androgen increases which further helps oil glands to expand. Bigger sebaceous glands secrete more oil, cuasing acne.

  • Stress:


Stress brings about hormonal changes in a human body which ultimately causes disturbed menopause pattern (in women’s case) which further results in acne. It can also worsen pre-existing acne as well.

  • Diet:

Diet control, no chocolates.

Diet also plays an important role in triggering acne. Food which is high in carbohydrates generates acne. Like chocolate is one of the things that play a prominent role in acne. Intake of excessive amounts of chocolates might also worsen the condition.

  • Genetic:

Genetic issue.

Acne can also be genetic. Studies suggest if an individual’s parents had acne, the person is prone to acne too. Also, if the parents had adult acne, possibilities are that the child may also have to deal with it (in most of the scenarios).

Well, there is a lot to be conscious of to stay away from the unwelcomed acne.