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Causes of acne scars and its preventive measures

The 5 main causes of acne scars:

Causes and ways to get rid of acne scars

Getting rid of acne is not the end, the scars they leave behind is another nightmare. Acne hurts when it is going to appear, it disgusts when it is there. Even when it is gone it leaves a gift behind i.e. an acne scar! This unwelcome guest is harder to get rid of (no doubt). Though mild acne rarely leaves a scar whereas moderate to severe acne tend to leave marks on the surface of the skin. So before going on to treat the acne scars, one should be well aware of the causes of acne scars and its background.

Below are 5 main causes of acne scars, let’s take a look:

  • Healing Process:

When the skin gets inflammation, the pores open up. When the inflammation i.e. acne goes away the pores need to close again. However, during this healing process when the pores contract to close, an irregular pigment occurs. The surface also gets damaged causing roughness and tanning the color of the skin. This damaged complexion and surface are the scars that acne leaves after ending. These spots are known as post-inflammatory pigmentary alteration.

  • Broken Blood Vessels:

When acne fades, some blood vessels of the skin get burst. Such broken blood vessels leave marks on the surface of the skin. Such spots are usually red or purple in color rather than brown. These spots mostly occur on the skin of fair skin toned people.

  • Picking and Poking:

If you poke your pimples, they tend to leave a mark necessarily. Picking, poking and touching pimples result in worse effects i.e. scars. Therefore, it’s better to treat acne with appropriate remedies rather than squeezing them (to get rid of acne scars or to avoid them).

  • Irregular reproduction of fibrous tissues:

Severe acne is something what causes acne scar. When acne appears, it breaks down the skin tissues. When it fades, in order to repair the broken tissues the skin produces new fibrous tissues. During this process in order to heal the loss the body produces excessive, unrequired tissues or in contrast produces very less tissues. In either case, a scar is formed.

  • Swelling of pores:

Swelling of pores due to the production of excessive oil, dead skin cells or bacteria may burst the follicles. This burst of canals in return leave scars on the surface of the skin. If the pore ruptures due to excessive poking it also leaves a spot.

Preventive measures to avoid Acne Scars:

  • Well there is a solution to everything. You must be conscious when you get acne that you don’t let it scar. Here some basic tips to prevent your acne from scaring.
  • Treat your acne when it begins to appear. Pick any of the remedy and start working on it before the situation gets worse.
  • As soon as you get acne start applying cc because such creams work best at this stage rather than applying when you get the scars.
  • Do not touch or poke your pimple/acne at all. As it would result in a worse situation.
  • Use sunscreen as it prevents the cells (that leave marks) from getting active. Its application decreases the chances of appearance of scar after acne.
  • Avoid skin exposure towards the sun. The more the affected area gets exposed, more will be the chances of acne scars to appear.