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Why My Shoes Smell? And How To Get Rid Of Shoe Smell Fast

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Why my shoes smell and how can i get rid of it

My Shoes smell:

Why my Shoes Smell? You may have noticed that after a long workout or comeback from university, office, school, or banking your shoe smells. Have you ever thought the reason why is it so? It is only because by the end of the day your tight packed feet sweat and cause stinky smell. After receiving a number of requests from our users we today are writing the steps on how to get rid of shoe smell, because it really looks cheap and awkward when your shoe smells before your friends in parties, school, and universities or in anywhere else.

As, it is the scientifically proved that men sweat more than women so it should be kept in mind that Men has to take care more than that of women. Below we are listing steps on how to get smell out of shoes in a quick easy way. Just follow up our guidelines. These guidelines are base on 5 simple steps.

1. The very first step to keep smell away from your shoes is to wash and change your feet periodically, may be after launch time or before lunch time. This step will give your feet a fresh start mid-way and will make you feel calm, because shoes are mostly made up of leather which are hot inside and will make your feet sweat. So, this step is must recommended.

2. If your feet contain hairs so don’t forget to remove them or trim them. So, that whenever your feet sweat it can be absorbed by socks and makes you feel less stinky.

3. Don’t use again and again the same shoes that you wear. You can buy three pair of shoes and can use it alternatively over a week.

4. This one is the optional step for more better results. Keep unused tea bags on your used shoes over a night. This will eliminate stinky smell away from your shoes.

5. You can also cent your shoes to eliminate smell from your shoes.

My Shoes smell is now no more if you will follow these steps on daily basis.

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