Formal Shoes for young guys – What to buy ?

Formal shoes for young guys

Formal Shoes for young guys

In today’s modern society men are seen more excited when it comes to the selection of shoes. Everyone of us now days spend quite a good amount of money in buying expensive shoes but the end result is we still are not satisfied with our selection. The main reason why most of us don’t find our personality inspiring and arousing is because of our poor fashion sense. Some of the guys likes to buy shoes that are funky in nature or on the basis of how expensive they are rather than shoes based on occasions. It’s true that the main purpose of functions and parties is to feel relax and get some time for yourself but that doesn’t means that you can go for any casual outfit you like. Still confused? Don’t know what to do? No problem, here in this guide (Formal shoes for young guys) we are to discuss what kind of shoes one must buy for parties and other formal like occasions.

What formal shoes are?

  • Men Dress shoes.
  • Men Long boots.
  • Men Pointed shoes.
  • Men Fashion sneakers.

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Formal Shoes for young guys – What to buy ?

There are a few occasions where men should go for formal shoes otherwise you will look nasty. Some of those occasions are listed below.

  • Business parties.
  • Business meetings.
  • Friends gathering.
  • Club gatherings.
  • Wedding or engagement functions.

Party Gathering:

Formal Shoes for young guys

If you are going to attend any party or friends gathering them make sure to wear formal shoes. Avoid wearing casual shoes like sandals or slippers etc. For party events, long boots and sneakers in velvet stuff are ever best selection for men. They can get dashing and appealing appearance by wearing such formal shoes. Dress shoes also look good but as casual dress shirt along with jeans go well with long boots and sneakers. Therefore, avoid wearing dress shoes and be cognizant about colors in shoes. Try to wear funky sneakers but do not choose any other color except black in long boots for glamorous looks.

Business meetings and parties:

Formal Shoes for young guys

This is the right and ideal time to wear dress shoes along with suits. Men need to be heedful because your appearance is imperative for a superior life. Therefore, always wear formal dress shoes with suits but make sure to wear black with black suit and brown with brown suit. Avoid wearing white color formal shoes on business meetings as they do not look much attractive. Furthermore pointed shoes for men 2014 also look fabulous on business meeting or parties.

Weddings and engagement events:

Formal Shoes for young guys

For weddings and engagements, best choice for teenagers is pointed shoes and sneakers. On the other hand, for adults dress shoes and long boots are awesome to wear. Therefore, this is the time to wear formal shoes instead of going for thick sole casual shoes and sandals. So appear like a gentle man in such events for appreciation among others.