Beat the heat with sneakers for Men 2019

Sneakers for Men 2019

Topic: Beat the heat with sneakers for men 2019.

Beat the heat with sneakers for Men 2019:

Men are always provided with fewer verities than women as far as fashion is concern. While talking about Men shoes, you will never see shoe styles other than Oxford, Derby shoes, Monk straps, Slip-ons etc. But even with fewer choices available, you have to consider each and every aspect of your outfit carefully.

->Oxford, Derby, Monk straps, Slip-ons:

Beat the heat with sneakers for Men 2019:

The Oxford shoes are also referred to as Balmoral, they are also known as closed lacing. The Derby shoes are popular by its open lacing. The monk straps have buckles and straps. Slip-ons have no lacing or fastenings, the popular category of loafers is also a part of slip-ons types.

Here we have a few cool summer sneakers for men. Lets have a look at each one of them.

Beat the heat with sneakers for Men 2019:

Converse Jack Purcell Sneakers for men 2019:


Converse Jack Purcell sneakers are here in trend since 50’s. The inside sole of the converse jack Purcell sneakers is made for the comfort and its outside has also been redesigned according to the latest fashion trends. They are known to be the most comfortable sneakers for summers.

Puma El Ace L Sneakers for men 2019:


This puma El Ace L men’s sneaker has a leather upper with a cool lining. It has a cushioned sole inside, so that you can feel comfortable wearing it even for the whole day.

Vaughn from Polo Ralph Lauren:


These pairs of sneakers from Ralph Lauren is very comfortable, as it has a very soft leather on the upper and a front lace up.

Vans Era Core Classic Sneakers for Men 2019:


If you wear these Vans Era core classic sneakers, the whole crowd around you will think of you as a cool guy. The rubber sole, padded collar and front lace up makes it just cool to be worn in the summer season.

Funky variety of cool sneakers to flaunt this season:

Unique Micro G Toxic 6 sneakers:


The poison dart frog print on this sneaker is a little scary but it is definitely worth having for a cool and different look.

Asics Gel-Lyte:


The Asics Gel-Lyte is a true fitness sneaker. It is very light in weight, which makes it ideal for drilling, skipping ropes and strength exercises. The electric blue top with a yellow base gives it a funky refreshing summer look.

Reebok Cross Fit Lifter for gym:


This Reebok cross fit lifter is especially designed for the lifters. The lifters who have tried this says, they feel glued to the ground the entire time they were working in the field.

comfortable Inov-8 Bare-XF210:


Inov-8 Bare are very light weight that the person wearing it feels as if he is walking barefoot. The thin sticky rubber sole under the sneakers are so comfortable that they protect you from twisting your feet while doing an exercise or spinning on the ground.

These cool summer sneakers are designed for fashionable men who want to beat the heat in style. Give a try to one of these sneakers and we bet you won’t regret.