Old fashioned arent they – Woven shoes:

Woven shoes:

Old fashioned aren’t they – Woven shoes.

Do you know why we do not ever stop talking about fashion? Isn’t there anything more important and worthy than fashion in our lives? Well, there are certainly many things important and worth talking but fashion has to be talked more often because the fashion does not ever stops. It is more of a cycle that keeps on going with the flow. If we take a close review of fashion trends we will notice that after every few years the same fashion is brought on the ramp with a little or no change at all. As there are many fashion trends that we witness on an off. Among many such trends the woven shoes is never forgettable.

Old fashioned aren’t they – Woven shoes:

Old fashioned aren’t they – Woven shoes.

The idea of woven shoes is quite old. It dates back when for the first time shoes were considered as an item of beautification rather than a need. Yes, it is the story of early days of fashion when the shoes were made by hand using different materials. The workers used to sew the pieces of leather and other materials to make an upper part and then finally they were attached to a thick sole. For many years it continued like this. Just as the time progressed, the modifications were made into these shoes. As a lot of new shapes of these shoes were brought in the market. It started with flat toes, then the pointed toes were brought into style and round toes were introduced gradually.

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Here with all these things happening, machines were made to play a major role in knitting the shoes, but still most of the things were done by skilled workers who used to collect the making materials from different parts of the worlds and then they were brought into use. Very recently a few famous foot wear and sports brand introduced a new type of knitted shoes. They were knitted by a machine totally out of a single piece of fused yarn for the first time ever. And it was revealed that these shoes had the lowest wastage amount. These woven sports shoes became very popular in no time and once again after many years the woven and knitted shoes were again seen on the ramp.

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As we all are aware of the fact that shoes represents our personality, character and keeps us unique among many people. Similarly, woven shoes bring attention in our direction. Hence, to be fortunate enough these are back in trends in variety of colors and styles.

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The best thing about these shoes is that they have the credibility to be carried with almost every outfit. Not only this, woven shoe are symbol of class, trend and tradition. It can be worn with t shirts and with formal shirts as well. So, woven shoes are indeed out of fashion but they will soon be seen on the ramp.