Add some flip flop alternatives to your summer foot wear

Summer foot wear:

Summer foot wear.

Summer arrival is the time to consider the bottom shelf of your closet. Summer needs to relocate many things in your closet, from your clothing to foot wear, everything needs to get changed according to the necessity of time. Formal wear is always same the only thing that changes is the thickness of fabric and number of layers. But when you come to the informal wear, the whole scenario gets changed as the season turns. Summer foot wear is totally different from winter footwear, from sleepers to thongs and from rubber shoes to casual’s sandals, they all are made for summers only.

This post is about summer flip flop foot wear that are designed to maintain your comfort and fashion needs altogether.

Add some flip flop alternatives to your summer foot wear:

  • Sliders:

Summer foot wear.

Sliders are your comfortable companion to choose while going to pool side, beach or even at home. They are casual but equally stylish to match with summer casual outfits like jersey shorts and sleeveless t-shirts. If you are going to some pool side and have no time to choose the best pair for foot wear, then go straight to your flip flop pool sliders and get on the hip hop look with sleeve less colorful T and cotton shorts.

Well known sports brand have introduced very stylish and easy to wear pool sliders, like ASOS, Nike and River Island.

  • Sandals:

Summer foot wear.

Fashion keeps changing and old becomes new and new gets old, likewise. In the cycle of fashion, the old stylish and easy to wear sandals that your grand dad used to wear early morning while going to walk are back in fashion ones again. The best thing about these sandals is their new hippie looks and charming colors. They are best to give you a decent touch in casual when you are wearing light colored shorts with cotton tee.

These summer sandals are available on all major foot wear brands in NYC like ASOS and River Island.

  • Espadrilles:

Summer foot wear.

For more decent casual vibe grab a pair of espadrilles. That are always ready to be with you when you are at holiday. Espadrilles are very soft, washable, easy to dry, comfortable, protective and easy to carry foot wear for holiday wear. For guys who are not in favor of pool sliders and sandals in summer, they should go for espadrilles as they are protect your feet from tanning. Their soles are made in such a way that they protect your feet from fatigue and pressure while walking. Its fabric is breathable to give you good ventilation in hot summer days.

Like all above espadrilles are also available at almost all major outlets in NYC.

  • Slip ones:

Summer foot wear.

Today’s age is bringing all old fashions back in trend. The time has gone when woven shoes were considered to be the old fashioned shoes. But now they are being introduced in fashion industry with all fashion protocols. So if you have one, don’t throw it outside, instead try it with your cotton chinos and cotton button down. For more festival look, wear it with printed tee and cotton shorts.

Get them from any shoe outlet at affordable prices.

  • Summer boats:

Summer foot wear.

For little formal look, turn to boat shoes. They are decent in their leather and colors and comfortable in their sole. You can try these leather boat shoes with your decent colored linen and button down shirt. They also works best with you casual look. They are most liked boats for summers in NYC as they work best with casual plus formal look.

They are available at the outlets of Nike, ASOS and River Island.