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10 Best Spectator Shoes For Men In 2017


Did you know your choice of footwear may communicate with personality? Shoes speak about who you are, but they can also provide an instant, easy wardrobe update, too. It is a spectator shoe that dares the wearer to stand out from the crowd. The fantastic spectator shoe presented a style of low-heeled, semi-brogue or full brogue designed from two contrasting colors, commonly having the toe and heel cap and sometimes the lace plates in a darker color than the principal body of the shoe. These stunning shoes are available in a variety of vibrant, beautiful colors and both thick and thin soles to quickly enhance any wardrobe.

We invested all our efforts for you and here is our list of the best men’s spectator shoes:

10 Best Spectator Shoes for Men

1. Ferro Aldo Men’s Modern Spectator Shoes

Ferro Aldo Mens Causal Wingtip Oxfords Modern Spectator Style (9, Red)
  • Fabric Lining and faux leather upper, provide you the best wearing experiences and still keeping the price at a lower rate.
  • Classic oxford dress shoes with wingtip design and perforated detailing.
  • Quality Craftsmanship, extreme attention to detail, every stitches and cuts count.
  • Order with confidence, we provide an extra 30 days of return and exchange time frame on top of Amazon guideline.
  • .

And while there are plenty of variations on the classic design now available, it is the red and white leather cap toe Ferro Aldo Men’s Casual Oxfords that we feel every man should have in his collection. This great looking shoe complements formal wear perfectly whether you’re going to a business meeting or you are going to a dinner with your girlfriend. Besides, these shoes are the most comfortable spectator shoes you can get on the market. Standing or walking for long periods can be rough on your feet but not with these shoes. Shoes and health have a close link to one another, and it is crucial that you do not forget about this relationship. Step up in style and comfort.

Features and Specifications:

Fantastic value – The price is more than perfect for what you get. There is no place for any doubt about profitability for this product. Why is that so? Learn down bellow.

Padded footbed – Thanks to padded footbed they fit perfectly right out of the box. There is no need to bend them at the house before going out. Comfort, soft material line and ease of walking will put you on the street right away.

Genuine leather lined – Although these shoes mainly have a synthetic material, this high-quality leather tip does not give you just a beautiful look but also the softness of the shoe. The genuine leather is placed in the right place- the portion of a shoe which covers the top of the foot. The genuine leather should not be hidden. She has to show proudly because of its characteristics and value.

Design and color – Red is the color of extreme. It is the color of love, seduction, violence, danger and adventure. A beautiful shade of red matte color with white seduce ties is going to give you that fascinating spectator look, and surely you will not go unnoticed. It combines the classic elegance of the timeless wingtip with the added flair of the Spectator.

Heel height – Perfect for when you want a little lift, the 1″ heel is your go-to. It is manly and practical.


Lined with genuine leather
Padded footbed for all-day comfort
Heel is 1″ height
Great value for your money


The sizes run on the larger size and ordering a size down comes recommended
Packing material can have “rubbed” smell so you should take your shoes outside and air them


2. Bolano Mens Black and White Classic Smooth Dress Shoe

Bolano Mens Classic Smooth Dress Shoe with Wing-Tip and Perforated Detailing Style Elwyn
  • HANDSOME DESIGN: Style Elwyn - Take your look up a notch when you complement your favorite formal wear with a classic wing-tip oxford dress shoe
  • CLASSIC DETAILS: Makes a great mens business or formal wedding dress shoe. Combine with any color suit of your choice
  • COMFORT AND STYLE: The lace-up details provide a snug and secure fit while adding a hint of classic elegance to your overall look. The synthetic treaded sole offers the support and security needed to bust a move on the dance floor while the fabric lining gives you the plush feel of a sneaker
  • PERFECT FIT: Runs true to size-select your normal size
  • VERSATILE STYLING: Offered in a variety of color combinations, these two-tone wingtip dress shoes are a perfect choice for formal occasions because they effortlessly pair with a range of outfits

Using the visual equilibrium of black and white with great design leads to reliable messaging and is a great helpful strategy when wanting to draw tendance to a particular object. Thanks to Bolano, this beautiful layout, comfortable wear and affordable price, this is one of the best spectator shoes for men if you don’t like leather products.

Features and Specifications:

Lovely looking design – If you want to play safely you can never go wrong with black and white combination – that always wins. Although these shoes don’t contain the leather materials, synthetic as a material can also give you that mirror shines everyone is asking for. Take things up a cut by giving the toe caps and heel counters of your shoes a mirror shine. Also, small details such as carved dots are providing some extra value.

Origin – Made in China with excellent co-operations exported to the whole world. Good and fast making is out of competition with other forces of the world. China is becoming synonymous with quality and precision.

Perforated detailing – Style Elwyn Black-000 with lovely quarter brogues which have a toe cap seam lined with decorative perforations.

Comfortable wear – Easy to walk because of sole with blocked heel without pressure, your spine will be grateful to you.

Good value – For this amount of comfort and glossy chic the price is below expected, especially when it comes to a combination of colors that can be easily assembled with every garment item. They will be able to compete with all fashion challenges.


Light to walk in them
Great value and features you get
Lovely and charming design
Good price


Synthetic made
Rubber smell


3. Sio Mens Two-Tone Grey Suede and Black SmoothWingtip Oxford Dress Shoe

If you are looking for a sexy and modern version of spectator shoe style that would be perfect for work, dress and formal occasion with the smallest amount of color contrast- these shoes are the one. The only contrast you will wickedly want to have on your shoes is the contrast of suede and gloss. You do not need to look for 50 shades of gray anymore because this Brighton Grey -011 made by Sio is perfect for complementing your entire outfit. These sophisticated shoes will also fit beautiful with no unpleasantly squeezing at the toes.

Features and Specifications:

High quality manmade upper – The foot inflow will be loosened from the top side, and there will be no room for any pressure.

Origin – These great shoes are made in China, and they have worldwide shipping. Delivery is correct according to instructions.

Style – Awesome Brighton Grey -011 faux suede color is contrasted by a great black glossy combination that gives you the more elegant look which will be special for every style.

Maintenance – Although rarely requires it, you have to polish them in two stages. Use a little wax and a soft muslin cloth for the synthetic portion, and a brush and suede “cream” for the suede part.


Great color combination
Easy to style with other clothing
Sophisticated modern spectator shoe
Fit and comfortable as expected


Hard to clean


4. Amali Mens Two-Tone Royal Blue and White Wingtip Oxford Dress Shoe

Amali Mens Two Tone Faux Leather Wingtip, Formal Lace-Up Oxford Tuxedo Dress Shoe
  • HANDSOME AND CLASSIC STYLE: Take your look up a notch when you complement your favorite formal wear with a classic Oxford dress shoe. These vintage-inspired shoes are accented with fine stitching on the cap toe and high gloss sheen for a hint of modern glamour
  • VERSATILE STYLING: Offered in a variety of color combinations, these two-tone wingtip dress shoes are a perfect choice for formal occasions because they effortlessly pair with a range of outfits
  • DESIGNER STYLE: This mens exotic velvet dress shoe by Amali is a wardrobe staple for the style-conscious gentleman on a budget
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: Runs true to size for most men -select your normal size
  • GREAT COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM: Available in red, blue and the classic black & white

The color of royal blue with the white combination is the color of confidence, responsibility, and loyalty. It is reserved, and quiet and doesn’t like to make a fuss or draw attention, but with this classic spectator style from Amali, your outfit will get an entirely new dimension. No matter what time of year it may be, there’s never a reason not to invest in a pop of color.

Features and Specifications:

Construction – High-quality manmade part of the shoe that covers every part of your foot; the top of the foot, each side of the foot, and the back of the heel and manmade sole with the blocked heel for support.

The material of production – Synthetic with a synthetic sole made of manmade materials including plastic, rubber and artificial leather which allows it to hold color and design easier. It is also simpler to make synthetic shoe water resistance which makes them lighter in wet conditions and much easier to clean.

Design – Two-toned Royal blue-052 and white color connect correctly with decently blue ties.

Imported – The fastest and most accurate production comes from China. Excellent production will not be subject to any challenges.


Great color
No chemical odor
Easy to clean


Sizes are smaller if you have a wide foot
They are not for all day walking and standing


5. Paul Malone Oxford Dress Shoes Tan and Navy 100% Leather

Paul Malone Oxford Dress Shoes . Tan and Navy . 100% Leather
  • 100% Leather Upper: (Cow Nappa Leather & Suede Leather)
  • 100% Leather Sole
  • 100% Leather Interior
  • Style: Wing Tip Oxfords
  • Imported: This Shoe is labeled in UK Sizes

The one who buys cheap buys twice and ends up spending more than the one who buys good quality in the first place. That is especially true for shoes. If you are a luxury leather fan, Paul Malone will fulfill all your expectations. Leather shoes are touted as a more comfortable and better fit as they will stretch and conform to the uniqueness of your foot. This tan and navy version is made for smart, courageous men who know what they want.

Features and Specifications:

Production – This pair of shoes is made of 100% real leather on the inside, outside and arch. Great Nappa antelope leather and suede is used for the outer part of the shoe. The bottom is made of extra tough, genuine leather for a long life of this pair of luxury shoes. Genuine leather on the inside provides you maximum comfort.

Design – Geometric shapes and designs are being stitched into shoes to create new designs. Holes are punched all the way in the leather giving a charming impression to the whole shoe.

Style – Wingtip Oxfords features a classic timeless style. They will give you a completely new dimension to your outfit.

Imported – Shoe is labeled in UK sizes which will suit people with a wide foot.


100% real leather
Fantastic design
Durable product


Costly price


6. Bolano Mens Exotic Snake Printed Plain Toe Oxford Dress Shoe

Bolano Mens Exotic Snake Printed Plain Toe Oxford Dress Shoe in White and Black: Style Cobra-473
  • Bolano Presents Style Cobra: Exotic Snake Printed Plain Toe Oxford Dress Shoe in White and Black!
  • Give your wardrobe an EXOTIC touch with these oxford dress shoes!
  • Slip your feet into a pair of Comfortable AND Fashion Forward Footwear!
  • High Quality Manmade Upper and Blocked Heel.
  • Please Search "Bolano Cobra" to find this Style in Additional Colors!

Have you ever taken a look at your outfit and thought that something is not enough, that something is missing? Some accessories? More colors? How about some pattern? That is a very familiar feeling we all get when we are getting ready. If you ever feel like your outfit shortage oomph here is a quick solution: wear snake printed shoes by Bolano. That is the best way to show your wild side. Of course, sometimes it can be tricky to incorporate wild prints into your wardrobe, but it will pay off. Style them with casual clothes in one or maximum two different colors.

Features and Specifications:

Synthetic – Modern synthetics are finding ways to overcome lessened feel through lighter and thinner materials.

Construction – High quality manmade upper and blocked heel.

Exotic wear – Strange fashion style is attractive. It includes so many exciting parts. Great Cobra texture on the whole shoe is giving the look of luxury quality where everyone will envy you.

Style – Cobra-473 exotic snake printed plain toe Oxford dress shoe in white and black are a great view of a classical outfit, but they are all just classic. Their avant-garde will be scattered happily through the streets.


Awesome print quality
Unique look
Breathable shoe


Difficult to style


7. Tan and White Wing Tip Spectators by Paul Malone 100% Leather

Tan and White Wing Tip Spectators by Paul Malone . 100% Leather
  • 100% Cow Nappa Leather
  • 100% Leather Sole
  • 100% Leather Interior
  • Style: Wing Tip Spectators
  • Imported: This Shoe is labeled in UK Sizes

Another pearl that came out of Paul Malone factory is this Tan and White Wing Tip Spectators made of 100% real leather. As we mentioned earlier, the best UK luxury shoes are coming in different versions but what they all have in common is validity. Feel free to put the finishing touch on a good look with comfortable, stylish and well-made shoes.

Features and Specifications:

Genuine leather – Natural leather products will last you a lifetime, and they are very durable. They also have a very distinctive smell (that does fade away with time).

Imported – This pair of shoes is imported and labeled in UK shoe sizes so you should take care of what kind of foot you are having, broad or narrow.

Style – Wingtip spectators with holes which are punched all the way through the leather what gives a great charm to your outfit.

Classic look – Some people limit audiences to black and white or brown and white brogues (the 20s and 30s). With this shoe, you will stand out from the crowd and be noticed.


100% real leather
Fantastic design
Sustainable product


High price


8. Metrocharm MET525-6 Men’s Tweed Perforated Wing Tip Lace Up Oxford Dress Shoes

Metrocharm MET525-6 Men's Tweed Perforated Wing Tip Lace up Oxford Dress Shoes (11, Black)
  • High Quality Man-made Faux Leather Upper
  • Lightly Padded Man-made Sole
  • Tweed Perforated Wing Tip Detail and Block Heel
  • Great for any Dress, Formal, or Party Occasions
  • Very Comfortable

Are you tired of formalities? Unlike other shoes, retro charm MET525-6 Men’s Tweed Perforated Wing Tip Lace up Oxford Dress Shoes can be worn with a pair of jeans. With such relief, other benefits are just bonus. We will also mention the comfort. Thanks to the small platform and light structure in these shoes you can spend a lot of time on the move.

Features and Specifications:

Wingtip style – Wingtips are smack in the middle of a casual dress shoe. Longwing brogues is a concept once in a while used to set apart wingtips where the wings emerge at the back of the shoe, forming a complete circle of the footwear. They are a subset of the wingtip style. Tweed perforated wingtip detail.

Platform – Platform measures approximately 25.” which is an excellent addition to spinal support. It provides stability, ease of movement and high foot position throughout the shoe.

Construction – High quality man-made faux leather upper and lightly padded man-made synthetic sole.

Imported – Made in China with special monitoring and good quality of workmanship. Precise production at the shoe factory.


Exact fit size
Very comfortable
Wingtip style


Rubber/plastic smell
Stiff stole


9. Asher Green Mens Two Tone Leather Wingtip Shoe

Asher Green Mens Two Tone Genuine Calf Leather Wingtip Spectator Oxford Dress Shoe, Low-Top High-Top
  • ASHER GREEN PRESENTS: Style AG100 - Rich buffalo cow leather is accented with classic broguing (decorative perforations) on this mens lace-up Oxford two-tone dress shoe
  • CLASSIC DETAILS: Makes a great mens business or work dress shoe. Combine with any color suit of your choice
  • HIGH QUALITY STYLING: Additional perforation throughout the body of the shoe lends to the sophisticated, timeless look. Genuine leather lined interior with rubber dress non-slip sole
  • PERFECT FIT: Runs true to size-select your normal size
  • VERSATILE COLORS: The AG100 is available in Two-Tone Tan, Burgundy, Cognac and Green

The particular thing about these shoes that separates it from others is ombre complexion and a nice wingtip work. Same to that, they will offer good fit and comfort. This Classic Wingtip Oxford Dress Shoe Style is a seamless addition to any outfit!

Features and Specifications:

Style – Great AG100 brown and cognac classic match on genuine leather oxford type shoe with perforated design on the wing will no one left indifferent.

Ombre – The transition from dark to light ( brown/cognac) keeps your footwear playful and fun. With such a unique piece of shoes, it will be easy to spice up a basic outfit.

Semi-brogues – Have to brogue along the toe cap suture, and on the topper of the toecap leather, but not anywhere further up the shoe than the toecap.

Shine – As for care, it’s important to remember that these kinds of footwear tend to lose its shine and luster quicker than lighter colors, so be sure to shine your oxfords thoroughly to prevent them becoming dull.

Structure – Supple genuine leather upper, synthetic sole and blocked heel are an excellent blend for the firm and safe shoe.


Unique look
Fit as expected


High priced comparing to competition


10. Men’s Oxford Classic Leather Lined Perforated Wingtip Dress Oxfords Shoes

Last but not least important, Ivanca’s Oxford Classic Brogue Lace Up Anti Suede Leather Lined Shoe will propose a mature generation. Excellent texture blend in the color of coffee and incredible comfort and softness is what describes this spectator shoe in the first place.

Features and Specifications:

Wooden heel – Heel is made of high-quality real wood which gives great support to shoes and also relieves the spine.

Carving vintage toe – The top of the shoe differs in the structure on the other parts.

Pigskin leather lining – In general, the colors look brighter, and the overall lux feel of the product is elevated with the pigskin.

Structure – Bovine anti-suede leather upper man-made durable rubber and wooden sole which provide a sturdy structure that will withstand any movement.

Color – There are various shades of the color brown, but the AG118-028 shade is a brownish color (brown combined with white) representing a color of a roasted coffee bean. This shade will make a great contribution to any outfit especially when there is an encounter between dark and bright tones.


High-quality material
Elegant to wear
Unique look


They can click when you walk


What is a Spectator Shoe You May Ask?

Here is the little explanation on what is a spectator shoe.

Spectator Shoe (also called Co-Respondent in the UK) is a style of low-heeled, Oxford constructed shoe from two different contrasting colors, having the heel cap and the toe and sometimes the lace plate in a darker color than the main body of the shoe. Some people limit them to black & white or brown & white brogues. On a classic version, many interpretations have made. As we have seen in our top 10 best spectator shoes for men, they are coming in different color combinations and textures such as royal blue & white, red & white, tan and blue, gray & black, in cobra pattern, etc.

This style of shoe dated from the nineteenth century but reached the height of popularity during the 1920s and 1930s. They are usually made of leather, but they can also be done using a mesh or suede body. The spectator shoes were originally made of willow calf leather and a white buck or transpose youngling antelope leather. The white section was once in a while made from a mesh material, for better ventilation in hot weather.

The famous English footwear maker, John Lobb, claimed to have designed the first spectator shoe as a cricket shoe in 1868. In another hand, Marc Chevalier has pointed out quite a few late 1800’s paintings in which Spectators are worn. The first is Chilean artist Manuel Antonio Caro’s “La Zamacueca” (1873) featuring a black and white capture, and the second is James Tissot’s “The Ball on Shipboard” (1874) featuring a brown and white Spectator.

As well as every story, this one is going to have an interesting plot, too. This style is in the 1920s, and 1930s considered too gaudy for a real gentleman and hence was called a tasteless wear. The style was known as lounge lizards and cats, who were associated with divorce cases and the legal periphrasis of a third party caught in flagrante delicto with the guilty party in a case of fornication. They are enjoying something of regeneration at the moment and probably more readily available now than at any time in recent years.

Ways to Wear Your Spectator Shoes

One of the most common fashion shopping tip for building a great wardrobe is to base it with unique, timeless piece, and then add trendier clothes each season – simple formula with the best results.

The 1920s decade is coming into the limelight again. It is an era that holds a lot more influence over fashion than most people realize; one crossed with power, fantasy and of course unavoidable luxury.

If you can not tell what kind of style your shoes are searching for, you can catch some sight in Leonardo DiCaprio version of The Great Gatsby. Gatsby is all known the ultimate dandy. For beginners and tuxedo lovers, a classically styled suit has a single button, piped pockets and peak lapels. You can also try to match two different uniform pieces in one or choose at least pants or a jacket that are the same color. Plaid or striped suits in brighter colors can be a challenge to find today but are well worth it when you find one.

For the spring season, spectators can be styled with a pair of jeans, a basic top and the upper part of the suits. Something like Ryan Gosling style from The Notebook. The color was kept to a minimum in the summer season; white is the color to be seen in. Ivory or white was worn at summer house parties, garden parties, and outdoor sporting events. The white top will perfect go with brown pants in every tone. The best season to wear spectator shoes is definitely when the leaves fall. The whole city gets a unique charm. You can contribute to that. Maybe you will think that water and suede are two things that should never be mixed, but thanks to today’s innovative technology and craftsmanship, that’s no longer the case.

You can carelessly go out in the open when the rain falls. For your topper, you can wear a stocky cable knit sweater, and it will fit well with cumbersome and thick trousers and vintage jackets. When it comes to accessories, everyone feels like there is not much to offer on the fashion spectrum for men which is not true. A great old-fashioned watch will be a full hit. Sunglasses are overwhelming on an opinionated man who knows he looks good with or without them. It will give you a dose of mystery. You can also wear some decent belt to link this whole story.

Ways to Shine Your Shoes

Shoes are the essential of an outfit and are among the savviest style investments you can make in your wardrobe. Every shoe deserves loving care, especially these.
You will make a good impression when you walk into a room if your shoes are clean and well-shined.

First of all, prepare your workspace so you can avoid getting shoe polish on any furniture or flooring. Shoe polish can be tough to remove, so you don’t want it anywhere but on your shoes. You can lay some old newspaper that you do not need on the floor for a start. Rub down the superficies of each shoe with your horsehair brush or a dampened cloth to remove any dust or dirt. Then, apply the shoe polish using an old t-shirt or polishing brush. Using circular motions, work the polish into every part. Pay extra care to the heel and toe because these areas tend to get the most wear. The final step in the shining process is to take a clean and old piece of cloth and spruce the shoes until you score a beautiful, high shine.

If you do not have any polish preparation, you can use a dry cotton or water. But you must be careful if you clean with water; your shoes might get damaged. After some time, give your favorite pair of shoes the day off. Air them out; leather would last longer when you drive out the moisture. Also, don’t store your shoes in shoe boxes for extended periods of time. Prolonged storage may cause deterioration of certain footwear materials.

Choose the right pair of shoes, treat them very well, and they will become arguably familiar companions for a long time.


Now you have a complete list of the features and spectator shoes for the budget. Pick yourself one and improve you fashion style drastically.

We can not stop looking and admiring these shoes! If we have to choose one word that describes them the best that would be: unique. Everyone who feels that way will not remain indifferent or lukewarm.
If you are a classic fan, choose a black and white combination or a brownish white. For those, a bit more courageous men, feel free to choose some color. We do not suspect it will be the more advanced group who will choose some pattern like an animal print and so.

They will add a nicely relaxed and fun-loving air to a social/leisure to any outfit. You will certainly not be able to walk through the streets or parties without anyone looking at your perfect pair of shoes. Compliments will guarantee come all day long.

Every fashionable man regardless of age, body shape, or overall style, should own at least one classic in his wardrobe. They will certainly sort in your closet as curiosities.

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