Long sleeved t shirts are back in fashion:

Long sleeved t shirts

Long sleeved t shirts.

Fashion widely varies with time. Change in season causes introduction of many new trends and accessories. So when we talk about t-shirts, there are a variety of them available in the market like long sleeve t shirts, short sleeve t shirts and half sleeve t shirts. But the ones which are in trend now days are long sleeve t shirts. Because when it comes to winter, it asks for something warm in order to keep you protected you from extreme colds of winter, so in my opinion, long sleeved t shirts are a good choice indeed.

Long sleeved t shirts are back in fashion:

Though, many guys take t-shirt not as seriously as they should be, but as far as winter season is concerned, long sleeve t-shirts shouldn’t be neglected as they can be worn with almost all accessories and at any event. So don’t think too much while putting it on, when going to any sort of event.

Here in this guide I am going to discuss how beneficial are long sleeve t shirts, and how can you make a good combination with them as far as different occasions are concerned.

  • Perfect base:

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Long sleeved t-shirt work as a perfect base while you wear them under the dress coat, jeans jacket or any other trench coat. But here you have to take care about the perfect combination with the accessory you are going to wear above it. Like if you are going to wear the light colored t-shirt then anything you wear above must be in dark color. Because, light and dark colors makes a perfect attractive combination. On the other hand it plays a role in layering in cold winters. It protects you inside while your coats add additional care to it.

  • Perfect for all events:

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This is perfect for all events. As the winters are getting intensively cold and mercury is going negative you need something protective to wear in parties and events which have ability to warm you and make you look fashionable. O long sleeved t-shirts with VELVET COATS are perfect combination of protection and fashion. While if you are going on day time semi formal event you can wear it with jeans jackets and trench coats that will give you warmth as well as style. You can wear it with sleeveless sweater as a casual wear that will make you look stylish even at home.

  • Look decent:

Long sleeved t shirts are back in fashion: - Menfash

Long sleeved t shirts.

Long sleeved t-shirt is the best decent looking shirt to wear in winters. Even it looks more decent when you compare it with half sleeved t-shirt. In decent colors like off white, peach color, light blue with dark colored coats like black, dark brown, navy blue and maroon they give best contrast and incredible stylish look. While it allows other accessories to add the charm like you can wear cashmere scarves with them to add extra decency with style you can wear simple scarves to add protection either. So there are variety of ways to utilize long sleeve t-shirts.