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Formal dress shirts are an integral part of your dressing:

Formal dress shirts

Formal dress shirts are an integral part of your dressing.

Formal dress shirts are an integral part of your dressing. You should have at least a couple of shirts in your wardrobe so that you can sleep well at every night without asking yourself what to wear in the morning. And mind you, this question rattles everyone of us who doesn’t arrange his professional wardrobe properly.

Remember, there are a certain dress codes at every work place that must be followed. You cannot dress casually at your work place, can you? It will surely impact a bad impression of you on to others. To wear a neat and proper office wear is the most important thing while working. When you go at your work place, your look should be elegant, stylish and adorable. It will give you confidence to work more efficiently.

Formal dress shirts are an integral part of your dressing:

Some elegant brands as far asВ stylish dress shirts for office wear are as follow:

Ralph Lauren:

Formal dress shirts are an integral part of your dressing.

  • Ralph Lauren offers the best quality dress shirts which are durable and stylish.
  • Ralph Lauren offers the large variety of dress shirts.
  • The shirts of Ralph Lauren are well stitched which give them outstanding finishing.

Brooks Brothers:

Formal dress shirts are an integral part of your dressing.

  • Brooks Brothers has good quality clothes at very affordable price.
  • Their specialty is in dress shirts especially in button down shirts.
  • If you like sharps colors then Brooks Brothers should be your first choice.

J. Crew:

Men fashion outfits.

  • It is reliable brand with great quality.
  • It is famous for its casual clothing.
  • J. Crew is the right brand that can give you stylish look even in casual clothing.

Here are some key points that you should keep in mind while purchasing dress shirts for your office wear:

Men dressing tips.

  • While purchasing the dress shirts keeps in mind the weather, choose your dress shirt according to the weather that can keep you comfortable while working. Choose the fabric wisely, as in summer choose cotton stuff, light colors and light weight shirts.
  • Choose the shirts that have beautiful finishing in its stitching because a branded dress can look cheap if it has improper finishing. Well stitched full selves dress shirt can make you a favorite employee of your boss.
  • The collar of the shirt is the most prominent feature, so it should be properly arranged. The dress shirts are available in variety of collars in the market just like point collar, spread collar and button-down collar. The Point Collar style is mostly used for office wear. It has the low distance between the points of collar so it looks very elegant with the tie, whereas, the spread collar has the wide distance between the points of collars so it can be worn with or without a tie. As far as the button-down collar is attached with the shirt, it looks very formal and can be worn with or without tie.
  • The other most important feature of your shirt is the cuff of your shirt. The cuff of your shirt keeps visible while working. It should be given the finest look. There are three types of cuffs; button or barrel cuff, cocktail cuff and French cuff. The commonly used cuff is barrel cuff. The cocktail cuff gives you a trendy style, whereas, the French cuff is the form of the most classic cuff which provides high finishing to the ends especially when you wear it with the cufflinks.
  • Try to choose the shirt according to your size because very loose or very tight shirt can have a bad effect for your personality.
  • Don’t purchase same kind of shirts in color, pattern and style. Always try new trend and fashion as it will enhance your personality.

Whatever you wear, make sure it suits you; only designer label is not enough. The things that matter in giving you an adorable look are proper fitting of your dress shirt, best stitching and the way you carryВ it.В  Enhance your personality and confidence by wearing a classy dress shirt at your work place.