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Difference between pleated and flat front pants

Pleated and flat front pants:

Difference between pleated and flat front pantsPleated and flat front pants.

Just a few days ago I wrote an article for your style guidance. The article discussed about the importance of style along with some suggestions. After reading that article you must have felt the need to emphasize on your style more than a fashion. В So you know that even the smallest things make an ever lasting impression on your personality. A small mistake or ignorance can either ruin your whole look or it can make you stand out in public. Most of times, we ignore a few minor details of our outfits that one should not ignore at all. An it is this thing that plays the measure role in your style. We have discussed about many things that are important in our look but I am pretty sure that most of you are not aware of the difference between pleated and flat front pants.

Difference between pleated and flat front pants:

So as the title says, we are going to discuss about the pleats of your pants. Most of the time when we go out for shopping we just focus on the overall look of the pants without getting into technicalities of it. yes, I said technicalities! Well having a pleat or no pleat in your dress pant is a bit technical aspect of judging a cloth. Well, before I go further let me tell you that pleats are actually creases that are made permanent by stitching for a few centimeters. It absorbs a little more fabric than a plain trouser. Besides that these dress pants have usually two pleats on each side of the trouser on the front. On the other hand flats front pants are those who have no pleats in them at all.

The pleated pants are somewhat classic – That is, their fashion never gets out dated. Whereas flat front pant are those which come and go out of fashion every few months. Adding to it, I must tell you that pleated pants are more comfortable for men who have heavy mass or have a few extra pounds. And flat fronts are a better choice for slim and smart people. Since the pleats consume a little extra cloth therefore it gives more room to the bearer. While flat front parts do not consume extra cloth therefore there is no consideration in it for heavy people.

Also the pleated pants are more of a fashion for elder people. Younger ones should better stick to the flat ones. The pleated pants provide comfort to the bearer. They do not go too tight over the hips if you have the right size of your trouser.

So when you go out for shopping, keep in Mind that what ever type of trouser you wear, you shouldВ  try it before wearing and walk in them to know theВ  fitting. Before I conclude my article you should know that the pleated pants always have a cuff in the bottom which makes your pant more elegant. Where as flat front pants can worn in both ways depending up on your age, size and structure.