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Latest trend of warm scarves for men 2018

Gant Scarves For Men

Latest trend of scarf for men 2018:

As it is started to chilly outside, it is the time to full your wardrobe with some fashionable warm scarves for men, which does not only provide extra elegance to your style, but should also provide sufficient warmth to you in winter seasons.
Artistic designs and style of scarves for men listed below, may love by you.

1) Canterbury Scotland Acrylic Navy Scarf for men:

This Canterbury Scotland Acrylic Scarf is designed in navy blue color and belongs to the New Zeeland. Material used to design this scarf is 100% genuine Acrylic. This scarf is designed in sporty style and is capable for a machine wash.

2) Mulberry Jacquard Logo Scarf, Multi:

This Mulberry Jacquard Logo Scarf is designed with multi colors print. Scarf belongs to the well known brand Mulberry. It is comfortable to wear and capable to provide warmth to the wearer in cold seasons. Materials used design this scarf is 90% merino wool and 10% cashmere.
Tip: Do not wash it, dry clean it.

3) Gant Wide Stripe Rochelle Scarf for men:
This Gant Wide Stripe Rochelle Scarf is for multi color lovers. This warm multi-colour scarf will be brightening up your outfit with its bold and luxurious vertical stripes, fringed edges and soft texture. Scarf belongs to Gant brand. Material use to design this scarf is lamb’s wool, means only dry cleaning is possible.

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