Men Wallets

Different event different wallets

Different wallets

Different wallets.

A gentleman’s personality is always judged by the choice of his accessories. Making good sense of choice and picking those priceless accessories that adds tons of elegancy to your personal style. Your shoes, hat, watch, pocket squares, silk bows, goggles are no doubt important but what when all your efforts and spending for good looks go into bin when you take your old un-stylish, saggy and bulky wallet out of your pocket?

Yes a single mistake in style can make your whole look spoiled. Style conscious man always keeps all hooks and nooks of style and trends in mind while getting prepared to go out. There are a lot of different wallets styles that every man should have at least one for an event. We have compiled some very important wallet styles for different events that will help you to stay in focus.

Different event different wallets:

Tri fold:

Different wallets.

Tri fold wallets with a lot of compartments are good for holding a lot of cash card and coins. But they are normally associated with trader class people or those who have to carry many receipts, cards and cash all the time. So you can’t hold this bulky wallet to the business meetings, parties or friends hangouts. Just carry when you have to pay cash on the spot or you need to carry a lot of business card or membership cards with you to a long journey. They are not so professional and stylish.

Bi folds wallets:

Different wallets.

Quit smarter than tri Folds wallet, but still little unprofessional. They are good for students as they have to carry cards and cash with them. They are also good when you want to maintain a little smart and handsome look with a lot of cash in your wallet. As this wallet has enough capacity to hold cash as well as coins. So carry such wallets while going to hangouts and beach parties as they happily adjust in your pant pocket and give you a very handsome and stylish look. Keep in mind these wallets are for casual events not professional events. So just hold them when you are sure that you are not going to any professional place. Bi-folds and Tri-folds both are available in variety of colors and styles with different tags on then and in different fabric and leathers. This is up to you which color and fabric you choose for your style.

Checkbook wallet:

Different wallets.

This is the most professional wallet, also known as business or travel wallet. This is very smart and is made in very precise manner to hold passports, tickets and checkbooks on one side and credit card slot on other side. You can carry them to business meetings and contracts, traveling and to some very professional sittings where you have to pose for your style and keen sophistication of your personality. Do remember this is not for casual use as it has no cash or coins compartments, having fewer places for just essential and smart stuff. So confidently pick up when you are ready to go as a professional.

Card holder:

Different wallets.

This is the slickest wallet among all the wallets mentioned above. This wallet is very famous among the people like so called “plastic people”. Whose life runs through their credit cards.Remember if you always need 99 $ for purchasing a pack of milk from the milk store than don’t go for this type of wallet. You can hold this wallet to any place and event if you have no cash to carry.