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Tips Before You Date A Gemini Man


Read This before you date a Gemini Man

Though on our site, we often mention guides for our men readers. But that doesn’t mean we don’t support gender equality.

If you’re a woman and hitting on someone, then this write-up goes for you. In the running article, we talk about things to consider if you’re up to date a Gemini man. If it’s your first date, indeed both you and we – can’t see you ending up with blunders.

We want you to bring out the best of you. We want you to impress him in a way that he drools over you, himself.

Contemplate these first factors if the man you’re dating is Gemini!


He’d be quite flattering, don’t fall for it! But flatter him back

He’d be quite flattering. Don’t fall for it. But flatter him back. Trust us you can’t let him occupy your brain!

You need to think of ways to flatter him in return so you could fill his mind. Put a kind of impression on him that when the date ends, and he goes back – he should remember you.

Bear in mind that Gemini gives more importance to their thoughts than their feelings. So if you want to put an everlasting impression on them, you’d need to occupy their ideas.


He loves the party!

If you’re a little puzzled about what interests does he keep? Don’t fret!

One of the most common interests which Gemini keeps is a passion for a party. They love partying. They can’t think of a week or month at least when they don’t party.

If you think, you’re a party freak too? Do take him with you in some party. Spend some time together, and then further know his interests.

He’d be very romantic but less emotional

Even though he’d begin the talks with a little romance, don’t fall for it. Let the time to expand a little. Let it go a little smooth and the bit less emotional.

He’d want you to open up your romantic site too, but once he does – you’d be confused in being either emotional or romantic. The best way to handle this moment of time is to let things go on, and just be silent. He’d flatter you with lines that’d lighten your mood. But your goal shouldn’t be to get flattered but make him impress.



Double face – keep that in mind!

Dating a Gemini could be both painful and fun. But it all depends on how you take it. We do care about your feelings. We know you’re a woman, keeping feelings.

But if it’s just a date, take it just a date. Putting your feelings into it might end up hurting you. Geminis are known for keeping dual personality. One moment they’re something else, and next, you see their gets interest switch.

He’d pay more attention to his thoughts than his feelings!

He’d pay more attention to his thoughts than his feelings. As mentioned earlier, his perception matters to him. And as much as he’s romantic, the less he is in being emotional!


Good luck!

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