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Happy New Year Gift For University Boys


New Year is here. Remember what have we decided to post for the next couple weeks? – Guides about Happy New Year gifts.

From the past weeks, posting guides about Happy New Year gifts. In case, you missed them. You can find them on our homepage.

Let’s now get back to what we’re up to talk about, a gift guide for university boys. By the time, a guy reaches in University, he is a grown up. He doesn’t carry that half-college, half-childish mindset anymore. So while you’re to plan a gift-list for your University mates, think twice a little.

A decent Rolex hand-watch!


A decent Rolex hand-watch – one, that isn’t so fancy. An extreme fancy watch wouldn’t suffice. For the fact that university dudes are grown ups, they like simplicity.

Rolex has been carrying its essence for decades from now. We aren’t sure of statistics, though, but Rolex brand carries a great name. And it would be a shock, hearing something like your friend didn’t appreciate this gift by heart.

Branded Wallet to help them save their money


Many of us, university guys look forward to work. We look forward to getting along with internships. And so we earn a little too. Considering the fact that, many doesn’t consist a bank account. They need some sort of storage to store their amount. A nice, broad wallet with nice space can definitely work for them.

Coffee Mug to keep them awake during their study periods


All those late-night studies, night-outs and exams next day, you definitely require that caffeine mug beside you.

Frosting climate and a minus-degree temperature – a coffee mug is thus required. Gift your best friend a coffee mug, which consists his name printed over it. It is not lesser than any sweet idea to go for. Go with it!

The Parker Pen!


Parken pens, the best in the world. If you think your friend is a geek sort of. Then Parker Pen could be a nice surprising present for him. And don’t you sweat on thinking things like, “Would its less expensiveness not make it any less special?”

Well first off, it wouldn’t. A present isn’t weighed over its cost. Secondly, a parker pen does cost expensively. So in both ways, this prestigious gift goes in your favor.


A prestigious idea for a nice start-up!

Many undergraduates look forward to innovative and productive ideas. If you think, you’re kind of broke and can’t afford an expense? Strike them with prestigious ideas.

Work on it. Don’t just blow it. Find them the idea which brightens their future, and is practically possible. Show a little support and motivation in initiating their very first start-up.



Making our fullest efforts, we tried providing you with best of ideas. Hope you possibly get to implement on these. Hope they are sufficient enough. And that they end up putting up a nice smell on their faces.

Happy New Year! Stay blessed.

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