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Best Happy New Year Gift For Smokers


Happy New Year gift for smokers


In a long series of mentioning New Year gifts for individuals belonging to different categories. We tend to mention a complete guide that suffices everyone’s interest.So while we discussed gifts about teachers, husbands, and male bikers – we’re back to create a new discussion about what could be the best gifts for smokers.

It could be a little funny for you for seeing us making a discussion about a topic something like this. But this is what it is. We have found this question under the most frequently asked ones.

So then it’s a responsibility of ours to meet up with our readers’ interests. takes care of its readers’ longings and focuses on covering them as soon as possible.


T-Shirt with Smoking Quote


Gifting a clothing line piece with a smoking quote written on it would attract him. Most smokers are aloof, gloomy and depressed kind of a people. They’re most likely to get attracted from deep sentimental stuff that hit directly to their hearts.

Gifting a T-Shirt which consists an inspirational quote being carved on it would catch their interest. And they’d most likely put it on at almost every places.


A couple of boxes of the most elite class cigarettes

Gift them cigarettes which they can’t afford. Like the ones which they can afford but which are most likely to be smoked occasionally.

Let’s face it even a guy belonging to an elite-class wouldn’t smoke an elite-class cigarette that often. So why not gift them a couple of cig boxes to them which are expensive and last for at least a couple of days at least.


Locket containing inspirational quotes about smoking


Like how we advise about gifting T-Shirt containing inspirational quote about smoking, similarly,  lockets could be preferred too.

An expensive locket, containing a deep inspiration quote being carved on it would definitely attract their interest.

Let their chain-smoking aspect to be visible by something physical like chain-containing-smoking-quote.

Expensive cigars – which makes saturated smokes

Expensive cigars could be preferred. Cigars which make saturated smokes when flying in the air. It’s attractive. And like it or not, most smokers have been a part of this habit of smoking because they think it’s cool. Generating a saturated amount of smoke that can be seen explicitly is something most smokers desire to make.

And expensive cigars do that. So gifting this to them would definitely effect on their moods positively.



Smokes which aren’t injurious



Or you could gift them smokes which aren’t injurious. Ones which are expensive and aren’t effective injuriously.

Conclusion goes on to shout out for all its smoker readers out there. Though we don’t support this habit, yet our backups are with you.
Smoking does kill and we can’t neglect it. But we believe on appreciating and that each of us who’s broken, needs a little support – a little something which regains faith in them. So if you think it’s too late and you can’t let go of this habit today, know that it’s not. It’s never too late to start something and each day comes up with a new hope.

Stay blessed.

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