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5 Tips For Dating Aquarius Men


Tips for dating Aquarius men

As we promised, this week goes for dating tips. By mentioning horoscopes and their details individually – we’d make sure to list down some tips. That if you’re ever to date these specific horoscope signs, you should consider some advice.

In the last few articles, we talked about nature of Gemini and Virgo. And this time, we’ve chosen Aquarius.

So if you’re a woman and planning to date an Aquarius man, contemplate the below-listed points.


Even though Aquarius is as sweet as sugars, they can still act crazy sometimes. And how to handle the entire situation and everything, it all depends on you!

1)Alien Minds!

Aquarius is known as alien minds. Their approach is unique. It’s different than others. A little you should be aware, Aquarius usually doesn’t like you to reach its emotional part.

You can try melting their hearts by letting them know how important they’re. But it would only make it worse.

Even though they think differently, imaginarily and artistically – they still aren’t attracted by statements which aren’t true. And they can just directly guess who flatter them!

2) Aren’t so emotional!

As mentioned earlier, Aquarius isn’t so sensitive. They aren’t flattered quickly. If you’re dating one, make sure you don’t ruin the date with emotional nonsense.

Well sorry for labeling your intentions as nonsense, but that’s not us! It’s your Aquarius date which is going to do that. So as a little advice, keep in mind to not try reaching their sensitive part before they know you well.

3) They don’t build imaginary castles.

Aquarius doesn’t build castles. And that’s their positive aspect. Like even if they’d know that they don’t hold a future with you they’d still spend lovely time with you. What happens in present matters more to them than other horoscopes!

Unlike other horoscopes which don’t enjoy life, Aquarius is pretty different. They keep their distinctive charm which parts them from other horoscopes. So while you’re with them, make sure to bring out the best of you. Try expressing. Try explaining and be as realistic as you can!

4) Be a little realistic

Though they’re imaginary, they don’t appreciate you entering into their imagination. You can step into it, and they’ll kick you right away!

Be a little realistic, and they’d complement it. Talk about your interest, and how you spend your day. If you’re thinking to spend your future with them, make their priorities as yours.

5) Science and Fiction! – They usually like talking about it

They like watching movies related to Science and Fiction. They like reading the related books. And they usually like talking about it. Not often, but yes – to start up a conversation you can get along with this.

But remember Aquarius is very curious of you getting silly. And they don’t forgive it! So while you’d make blunders so consequently like that, they’d be counting it.

They like sensible and curious dates from which they could derive out some valuable information.


Good luck! Have a nice date.  



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