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Your body is your treasure; Dont spoil it

Your body is your treasure:

Your body is your treasure; Don’t spoil it

We are living in the age of fashion. A lot of things have been exposed to the public in the name of fashion that has deprived the human body of its simplicity. Fashion does not mean to hurt your body and to put your body at a risk. Men should not do the weird things that harm their handsome look. See, you are a male and you do not need to adopt over fashion, your body needs simplicity. Over fashioning is a spoiler. Your body is your treasure and you must cherish it!

Your body is your treasure; don’t spoil it:

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There has been a trend of trying new things in order to look unique and attractive. However, this goes wrong because anything against the nature is bound to be undone. Yes, you do know that waxing, threading, piercing and over makeup deprives your body of its natural beauty. But, some males are still accepting these sort of activitiesВ as they think of them as the sole path ofВ lookingВ good. This is aВ false perception. What do you think? Will people like youВ then? Will masses appreciate this attitude? A big No! Educated and sensible people will never like this sort of taboo behavior. Have you ever seen any professional male gone through waxing? Or any sensible guy with aВ tattoo? No! A professional knows that his body will look good only if it is kept in its original state.

Your body is your treasure; Don’t spoil it

Do you not love your body? Do you really want it to get hurt? If yes, then you can go for these. But, if your answer is no, then take care of your body because it’s your only true treasure. Most of us do not know how sensitive our body is. Keeping scientific conclusions in mind, all these sort of activities causes a great harm to your body. Haven’t you seen your skin turning redВ whileВ threading and waxing? Why does that happen? Is it something good for your health, I am sure NOT. When you root out yourВ hair from the skin obviously, it will cause you a great harm. Secondly, you lose your protectors, as they are protectors of yourВ skin. As weВ cover ourВ new mobile with the protector similarly God has given you the hair so that they take care of your body in the bests of manners.

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Your body is your treasure; Don’t spoil it

Now comes the over-makeup. What is makeup and what it gives you? I know your answer. Yes, makeup does includes some ingredientsВ that beautifies yourВ look. Many actors apply it when they come live on television and they look cool, and handsome, isn’t it? But every thing costs you something and makeup is something that costs you your body. RegularВ application of makeup causes yourВ skin to lose its natural glow and makes it dead. You can see it yourself, doesn’t makeup harms your epidermal layer of skin? Have a look at these celebrities in their rough time and you will find out their skin farВ worse than yours.

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Men fashion advice.

Making of tattoos all over your body, either permanent or temporary, can cause you some seriousВ diseases. The non-sterile tattooing procedure may spread some killer diseases. The ink which is used in it contains mercury which is in reality very dangerous for your body. Further, it spoils your body, you canВ never have your old body back, once done.

Hence it is not good to embrace this fashion which is the source of disease orВ destruction forВ you. It is your own body, thus, you should own it and do not performВ such ill-mannered and insensible fashion which put your first impression at risk in your professional life. It is your treasure, care for it!