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Winter grooming tips for men over 30

Grooming tips for men over 30

Winter grooming tips for men over 30.

Are getting into your 30’s? Are you scared of ageing? Do you really think harshness of winter will swallow your young glow and freshness? If yes, you seriously need not worry about winter’s effects on your glowing skin. Yes this is true that winters affect you more in your 30’s then before 30’s. But this is not something that you can’t avoid. Actually, the thing is, when you get into your 30’s, your skin and hairs starts losing essential oils, thus, you become the victim of dryness and wrinkles. This is the main cause why men over 30 are more prone to wrinkles and needs far more attention than before 30’s. But you need not to worry, because here in this guide we have complied some good winter grooming tips for men over 30 which can help you to re energize your skin even in harsh winter conditions.

Winter grooming tips for men over 30:

  • Haircuts:

Winter grooming tips for men over 30.

In 30’s many of you face the problem of hair loss especially from your forehead. A big forehead looks awkward so you should have asymmetrical haircut, faux haircut, or any directional haircut to look decent in winters. And if fortunately and yes luckily anyone of you has good stuff of healthy hairs then you should have a statement hair cut which looks really decent in winters. Keep your haircut simple and classic and manageable and give your face a decent look don’t have messy haircut in winters.

  • Control your body hairs:

Winter grooming tips for men over 30.

If you have apparent hairs hanging from your nostril and ears then immediately remove them, because these hairs gives you dirty look and spoils your decency of 30’s. Grab a good waxier or trimmer from any shop and use it to get rid of these dirty hairs.

  • Control skin damage:
  • Winter grooming tips for men over 30.

    As you get into your 30’s skin starts to get damage and this damage doubles in winters due to its dry cold winds. Cracks usually causes wrinkles and fine lines on your face and gives you old look. So to protect your glowing young skin from the harshness of winters, take a good moisturizer to nourish your skin because in winters your skin starts to loss essential oils. Take a good SPF lotion to prevent your skin protein and collagen fibers from breakdown. Nourish your skin whenever you feel dry and take a strict care of it in winters.

    • Love your hands and feet:

    Winter grooming tips for men over 30.

    Many of you remain less caring about your hands and feet in your twenties but this habit will never protect you to be the victim of ageing in winters after 30’s. Take care of your hands and feet take a weekly manicure and pedicure treatment. Nourish your hands and feet daily, wash them with Luke warm water and apply nourishment on them. Protect them from dry winds.

    • Protect your hairs:

    Winter grooming tips for men over 30.

    Nourish your hairs by applying oil before taking bath in winters, because your hairs already get so dry and applying shampoo make them weaker so oiling make them strong nourished and healthy.

    • Body care:

    Winter grooming tips for men over 30.

    Nourish and moisturize your body after bath to prevent ageing affects on your body skin. Many of you don’t bother your inner body skin even after 30’s which led them to ageing earlier then time. So be polite with your whole body skin.

    • Dress code:

    Winter grooming tips for men over 30.

    Your dress code must not be so bulky but you should wear a trendy dress in winters after 30’s to have a decent look.

    These were some winter essential tips (Men style guide) that you should follow after your 30’s.