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Why Male Chest Waxing is a Bad Practice?

Male Chest Waxing

Chest waxing is becoming more and more popular these days. Now days 80% of men are engaged in hair removal practices. The common mist methods for hair removal are waxing, hair removal creams and shaving. Among them, waxing is the most common method used for removing chest hairs. Especially when it comes to the summer season, men focus more on removing hairs from chest as they prefer to wear shirts / t shirts with an open collar; they don’t want unwanted body hairs to become a problem of concern for them. However, that is only one side of the coin. According to higher professionals, male chest waxing should be avoided as it causes great mishaps among men.

Some of its side effects are discussed below.

Why Male Chest Waxing is a Bad Practice?

Why Male Chest Waxing is a Bad Practice?

  • It hurts:

When wax is applied to a body part, it rips out a large quantity of hairs from their roots that cause pain to your body. If it is yours ever first time for wax, man may not be able to bear the pain as they are mostly involved in removing hairs by shaving.

  • May cause a skin infection:

After waxing chest hairs, the treated area becomes raw and sensitive and chest is already a sensitive part, so waxing a sensitive part is itself a dangerous act. For this one is supposed to apply after-wax creams and lotions otherwise it may cause a skin infection. Wax also causes skin infection if your skin is sensitive to different treatments or you have sunburn or any cut or injury.

  • Hot wax can burn/ damage your skin:

Naturally hairs of men are rough and strong as compared to hairs of women. When it comes to chest, chest is no doubt a sensitive part but hairs on chest are comparatively rough and thick. As a result, men are forced to use hot wax. But as a consequence, when we apply hot wax to a body part we have fifty percent chances of getting our body burnt by hot wax. So hot wax can cause a harmful effect to one’s chest and can damage your sensitive skin of chest. A.s a result your chest can have permanent scars that can cause a negative influence on your personality

  • Spots after waxing:

In many cases when one gets his chest waxed, his chest becomes red and after sometime spots use to appear at skin that is the result of ripping hairs from their roots. Sometimes it may remain for some days while usually skin retains its original look in one or two days. but when a man has job or have so many activities to do, he has to go out, to meet people and to look after so many things, he cannot afford to wait for days that his skin will be fine and he would be free from the red spots that appeared after he wax his chest.

  • Sensitive skin resists wax

Normally men have sensitive skin and their daily hectic work causes their skin damage and makes it rough and oily. For an oily skin one needs to wax it for sometimes as hairs cannot be removed in by one application. When a man’s skin is resistant to wax after facing so dust and sun attacks, if we apply wax twice or thrice at the same time skin may start itching and one mayВ  has skin problems.

After waxing hairs from chest, your chest becomes openly exposed to heat and dust and they can easily affect your body skin as the cause direct influence on your facial skin. So, male chest waxing is suggested to be a bad practice, especially in summer.