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Safest way to dye facial hair – Facial Grooming tips for Men

Safest way to dye facial hair - Facial Grooming tips for Men

Dye facial hair for Men – 2014

Safest way to dye facial hair

Are you looking for some beneficial and safest tips to color your hairs? Then you don’t need to wonder around anymore. Now it is very easy for you to color your hairs in a safest way by staying at home. Coloring hairs is not only for those who have white hairs rather any age group man can color his hairs for a stylish and trendy look. Now day’s men are of the point of view that there are no safe methods to color facial hairs or head hairs, but this notion is wrong. There are some precautionary measures that you can use to stay away from dangerous side effects. So today we will discuss some beneficial tips on ways to dye facial hair for men with noВ harmful side effects.

  • Analysis of Men Facial hairs:

Safest way to dye facial hair

The texture of men hairs is different from the hairs on head. The hairs on head can easily be colored. However, facial hairs like mustache or beard can be damaged from the chemicals used in colors. Facial hairs are usually not resistant to chemicals and that’s the reason why men need to be careful while coloring their facial hairs.

Note: Most of men prefer to use readymade commercial products without the consultation of their doctors. So in case you feel any irritation on your skin, visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Safest way to dye facial hair for Men – Facial Grooming tips for Men:

  • Which color to go for?

Safest way to dye facial hair

Whenever it comes to color facial hairs, always select the color that actually suits your personality. Men must choose a color that goes with their natural look. Colors that make men look artificial should be avoided. Safest way to color men facial hairs is to go for a color with least chemicals. Choose a color with a bit of lighter tone from your natural hair color. These lighter colors will help you to reflect a slight change in your personality after coloring. Never go for pure black or jet-black hair color. Always choose colors with brown shades.

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  • Pre-softening Men facial hairs:

Safest way to dye facial hair

Pre-softening of facial hairs is not like pre-softening of hairs on head. In order to prevent the skin from any kind of damage men must use gloves and cotton while pre-softening the facial hairs. Men must apply peroxide on facial hairs with the help of a piece of cotton and only required amount of peroxide should be applie

Men must wash their hairs after ten minutes. After this, men must dry their hairs with a towel. This pre-softening of the facial hairs will help men to keep facial color for long duration.

  • Tips to apply color in a better way:

Safest way to dye facial hair

Safest way to color men facial hairs is to apply it with the help of a brush. Brushes that are specially designed for men facial hair coloring should be used. Always apply the color in the roots of hairs. In case, you have skin problems then try to avoid direct application on facial skin. Avoid doing regular coloring as it can damage hairs and skin. Try only to color your facial hairs for a change only. These tips will surely help men in coloring their facial hairs safely.

For those who have skin infection must first consult to doctors or skin specialist. In addition, for those who are not having any issues, go ahead and color your beard and mustache. My dear all 21st century men, new trends are waiting for you.

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