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Oversize isnt a curse, its a blessing:

Oversize isnt a curse, its a blessing:

Oversize isnt a curse:

Oversize isnt a curse, it’s a blessing.

Fashion had never been so easy. One has to have guts to look attractive and healthy. There is this false concept that the more slim you are, the better looking you would be. One needs to be careful of how healthy and strong he is. This is a typical girlish thing to do if you are making efforts to look slimmer. Men should always have some volume and mass. There is a thin line between obesity and oversized. Oversize is simply out of routine whereas obesity is taken into account as a disease. The times have gone past now when men used to be taller and slimmer, having the weight of bones only. Remember, oversize isn’t a curse, it’s a blessing, you don’t need to bog down.

Oversize isnt a curse, it’s a blessing:

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In this time of development and success, one should have a lot of confidence over himself. Even to boost up the confidence of oversized people, different brands have now shared fewer rates for X-L dresses and shoes. Oversize is good as long as you have a strong body. To make you look healthier, body building is a good option. According to a study,

Lifters don’t need to use strength-centric training programs, or to try and set new one rep maxes each time they hit the gym. They do need to get a lot stronger than they are now. There are no weak top level bodybuilders. These guys are all very strong, even though they may not think so.

Often people use gyming activities to focus on their body structure and physique. A few tips that every oversized person should keep in mind: always look for dark colors to wear- preferably black. But do not wear black in day time, and even if you wear black in daytime, add yourself a light colored lower. Everybody knows that you have six packs, so don’t show them off with sleeveless.

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Another important thing is keeping in mind your structure and activities. Some sports activity will always do well to you. You do not need to wear tight clothes to hide your body. On the other hand remember not to wear shaggy and extra lose clothes. Suppose if an oversized person wears doubled the size clothes, he will look more aged and indecent. With the help of proper gyming, jogging you can help yourself to control your size. Most of all, remember to take some time out for yoga, it will always help you to be fit and fine. Take extra -precautions to maintain your size.

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Now a few things that an oversized person should feel blessed with. An oversized man would always give a solid and fine impression, whatever he does, wherever he goes, whatever he says – everything is just positive in that person. Furthermore an oversized person may feel prominent in a large gathering as he always has a head held high. Not forgetting that an oversized person is never considered as an ordinary person, be it in terms of attitude, styles or his ways of life. An oversized man is always good to have but an oversized woman is never desired.