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My beard itches me – What should I do?

My beard itches me - What should I do? - Menfash

My beard itches me

My beard itches me - What should I do? - MenfashMy beard itches me.

Do you want to grow a beard for yourself, but are you scared? Scared of that itching and losing your patience in this regard? Here’s the time you forget your worries. Beard is good to have only when you are able to manage them properly. Beard gives you a gentle man look.В  Most of the people love their beard-ish look and it looks more formal when maintained properly. But if you worry in the case that your beard itches and are looking for tips as to what you should do then read through this article!

My beard itches me – What should I do?

The problem of beard itching is seen and faced by men of every age whenever they feel like having a beard. There is nothing much that one can do to maintain and control this itching. But surly there is something that we can do about it. Full beard, with mustache and sideburns is the main problem. Often people are seen having beard for a couple of weeks and then after endless itching, burning and scratching they end up shaving it all off. Now the question comes, have you ever wondered how do people manage to grow their beard? It means there must be a way out to help this itching problem. Most of the time it’s the right edge of your mustache which itches more. Other than that there is often problem with the ends of your lips while eating as you may end up pricking the sides of your lips. It gets really frustrating when you start scratching your beard in public, it often loses your focus with an all-time irritable mood and short tempered. Now the real question arise is what should you do to get rid of it or at least minimize the agony?В  Can we use any product or cosmetic that can help reduce this problem?

A recent study reveals that shaving is the real cause of itching. It was explained that:

“As you shave the whiskersВ are cut at an angle, leaving a sharp edge. After a while the whiskersВ and start poking your face, thus producing discomfort, itch and even possible redness. So shaving off your beard is not a permanent solution to this problem” – Recent Research

Here are a few remedies to cater this problem. First of all this problem remains for a little while, approximately for a month when you grow your beard. But this not the end of the story, in some cases it goes on for a longer time than usual. All that you can do for this is a little care and that’s it. The first and very basic step to be taken is rubbing on some oil when you feel the itching. You can use coconut oil, baby oil etc. Remember to wash the oil after some time, let’s say after fifteen to twenty minutes. The oiling should be followed by a wash with a shampoo (some mild one) and a head hair conditioner. For conditioners, some petroleum based would do well for you and if not you can use any that is within your reach. Remember to clean your face frequently especially whenever you eat something. You can try keeping wipes to remove any food residue. The food residue causes fungal growth in your chin part which causes itching. So you can even try some anti-fungal creams as well.В  Or you can simply go for cleansing your face followed by applying a moisturizer.

Hence, your problem solved, things to remember are keep your face clean, maintain your beard, give it a nice trim when it needs, long mustache is never desirable and last but not the least develop some patience the more you scratch the more itching you will feel. Look good in some beardy manner… Feeling cool? Aren’t you!!

This article was first published on Balding Beards