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Cardio Workouts for Men – Loose weight Efficiently

Cardio Workouts for Men

Cardio Workouts for Men – Loose weight Efficiently

Today we will examine some killer Home cardio workouts for men which will literally cut your fat into shreds. These cardio workouts for men will surely cut your fat more efficiently. So let’s get started.

1: Slow cardio

The first workout technique is called slow cardio which is prolonged, boring and produces no results. Men and women tend to waste away 60, 70 minutes doing the slow cardio. It is thought to be the ideal exercise for cutting fat. But recent research has shown that doing slow cardio workout hasn’t been effective even after doing them 5 times a week. They found that doing high intensity cardio workouts for men did shed a lot of fat.

2: High intensity cardio workout

This one has been effective in cutting down fat far more effectively than slow cardio workout. In this workout you must burn 400 calories in one workout. It’s still a long shot and it takes 40 minutes to do so.

3: Interval training cardio

An Australian research found out that people who did interval training thrice a week lost more fat as compared to those doing low intensity cardio. In interval training you can do hard workout along with easy workout and take a break and repeat.

4: Tabatha interval cardio

Of course when interval cardio became popular, people went searching for new ones that’s when a technique from Japan called Tabatha interval came out. It is much better than interval training. This exercise just takes four minutes. You have to do 20 seconds of exercise and 10 seconds break. Repeat it 8 times.

5: Bodyweight circuit radio

This is not really a cardio exercise but it is nevertheless effective. You start off with a body weight exercise like jumping jacks. Now do some upper body and lower body exercise. You can do lunges, squats, and pushups and split squats.

So all in all, the last two cardio Workouts for men are the best fat burning workouts