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Is the idea of mens beautification a taboo or not?

Is the idea of mens beautification a taboo or not?

Idea of men’s beautification:

Idea of men’s beautification.

We live in the time where fashion is a necessity for men and women alike. Those were also the days when fashion was meant to be for elites and media persons only. Normal people would not even care about fashion and buying designer wear was something very novel for common people. Just as the media progressed, technology speeded up the need for fashion and good looks were created. Initially it was a debatable issue if men should go for those fashion styles but then time has the power to change everything. So let’s debate if the idea of men’s beautification a taboo or not?

Is the idea of men’s beautification a taboo or not?

It is indeed very true that men fashion take a long while to get accepted by people. It has to undergo criticisms and debates to get itself established and acknowledged. When this fashion race started in men it started covering up all the major aspects of a man. From clothes to shoes to hairstyles and then gradually even the men features were changed. The typical macho man look for men was known to be the obsolete one and the men’s beautification was at its peak. The typical body builder cum fighter type of look was out casted and men were forced to look more civilized and sophisticated. The attributes that a man was known for all changed with the time.

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It all took place in a couple of years and now the hefty men are disliked and known as raw and indiscipline. Initially the idea of men’s beautification was a taboo and in fact some orthodox people still think it is a pretty bold step to follow and on the other side of the picture people failing to do so are not appreciated both in social life and work life.

Well if you ask me we human beings are never in limits. I mean people often go out of the routine to look better and that is the point that makes men beautification a taboo.В  To be clearer I need to give a few examples. Let’s talk about the male complexion. With the men’s beautification idea, white complexion is now desirable for every male individual. Where some people are naturally fair the others who are not fair tend to try different lousy mean of getting a fair look. They would use make ups and beauty creams which takes away their manly status. Or even some men would get their eyebrows plucked as that of women’s thus losing up their manly style.

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See these few example are cases where men beautification becomes debatable. No matter how much we want men to be stylish and prim and proper but nobody wants a man to look feminine. The color schemes that men use is another issue of this matter. Fashion icons in their struggle to bring some change have taken away this distinction in male and female and the men beautification becomes a taboo where we remove the differentiation between men and women.

So it is a good step that men are more caring towards their hygiene and grooming but the point where men lose their masculinity, the idea of men’s beautification becomes a taboo and a serious concern.

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