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Avoid injury by following Weight lifting workouts for Men

Avoid injury by following Weight lifting workouts for Men

Weight lifting workouts for men

Avoid injury by following Weight lifting workouts for Men

To become a muscular guy is not an easy task. It requires effort and hard training. If you are seeking for a guide on weight lifting workouts for men, you are at the right place. Following proper guidelines will reduce the chances of getting injured. If you want good workout results, be consistent and patient.

Today we will give you perfect guidelines that will not only improve your posture but will also help you to be a muscular guy. These all you can accomplish with weight lifting workouts for Men. Here is a simple plan presented before you. We hope you find it handy.

1.В В В В В В  Simpler is Better – Weight lifting routine

Yes, you are getting it right. Simple you take, better you get. Especially if you are a beginner, go for simple weight lifting. Surely when you become advance lifter, you can go for difficult lifts. For now, make simplicity your goal.

Here we have listed some simple exercises

Legs: Squats, Knee extensions, calf raises, leg press

Backs: Bench pull, cable row, lat pulldowns, seated row

Arms: Shoulder raises, dips, pushdowns, biceps curls

Abs/core: Russian twists, situps, back extensions

В 2.В В В В В В  Balance is the Key – Lifting workouts for men

Basically, one has to attempt exercise for all body parts to be in perfect balance.
Example: Having big chest with slim body will surely not complement you. You should have to work out your all body parts.

But for beginners, it is advised not to focus on all. Focus on one or two major exercises.

3.В В В В В В  Warm your body up, Cool your body down – Best weight lifting workouts

Be sure of warming up your body before going to gym. It is very necessary to do so. Many people complain and get injured during exercises. Doing Cardio exercise before going to gym is the best move. It is best warm up exercise.

Also, cool down following a lifting session by stretching. This helps initiate the recovery process and can improve the elasticity of your muscles. Perform about two to three separate static (holding the position in one place) stretches for each major body area. Hold stretches for a minimum of 10 seconds and repeat.


4.В В В В В В  Patience – The foremost requirement: Weight lifting programs for Men

Without patience you cannot do anything. Do not rush in, in getting results. Progress slowly and gradually. Focus on quality rather on quantity. If you think doing more exercises in less time will bring good results, you are mistaken.

Follow our guidelines and you will surely enjoy good results. Weight lifting workouts for men will help you out.