High Waist jeans for Men – A Comback in Men fashion

High Waist jeans for Men

The high waist jeans were in fashion in the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s. But now, it has made a comeback. We have seen different styles of high waist jeans for men in European fashion shows at the ramps. The European designers have launched their high waist jeans earlier this year and we hope that it will influence the men fashion industry soon.

High Waist jeans for Men

The revival of high waist jeans can be seen in the news papers and street style blogs like New York Times, Tommy Ton and fashion retailers like Acne, Supreme, J. Press York Street, Baldwin, and Billy Reid and A.P.C to name a few. They have written boldly about the revival of light washed high waist jeans. The president of the US Barrack Obama and Jerry Seinfeld was seen wearing the dad jeans proudly in the public appearance. If talk about the recent days, Kanye West has also seen wearing the same jeans looking stylish and attractive.

High waist jeans for Men – A light description:

The high and tight at the waist jeans introduced by the Europeans brands and known designers in London fashion weeks earlier this year is pointing at some serious change in men fashion trend in jeans particularly. The skinny jeans were in fashion for about 15 years almost, now the designers and fashion influencers want some change in the jeans they wear throughout the year.

High Waist jeans for Men

High Waist jeans for Men

Though it is very early to say anything about the skinny jeans that whether it is the end of the skinny jeans or not, but one thing for sure that the high waist jeans has made a comeback and that too with a bang. The high at the waist jeans also known as dad jeans can be the next big thing in the summer. However, we should be a little patient before deciding the future of these high waist jeans for men until we see the sun of summer 2014.

  • London Collection by siblings:

Denim is the fabric for menswear in 2019. The thing to be focused is that the designers have brought the change in the size of the jeans from low waist to high waist.

High Waist jeans for Men

High waist jeans were introduced with a bit changes according to the 2019 fashion. The brand sibling had introduced the high waist jeans with a typically slim fitting and restrictive styles.

The siblings have inspired their high waist jeans collection with the 1950’s loose, high waist jeans shape. Their models were wearing the high waist jeans with a simple t-shirt and canvas pumps. This look of sibling high waist jeans can be a great option for the next summer 2014.

High Waist jeans for Men

Dad jeans (high waist jeans) is just as comfortable to do the dad things like bouncing a baby on the knee, washing the car in the garage or gardening etc.

  • Final word:

There is however, nothing wrong with the faded light washed high waist jeans for men. The loose fitted dad jeans works great for the heavy build guys who always wanted to get away with the skinny jeans fashion trend in the men’s wear fashion industry for about almost 15 years. Go get your baggy high waist jeans for men and revive the era of 1950′ to the 80’s for a real gentlemen look.

High Waist jeans for Men.