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Jeans for men 2018 – The Ever Stylish Jeans

Jeans for men 2018

Once upon a time jeans were very cheap and affordable. But the trouble with brands is that under their wing everything becomes pricey. So is the case with jeans. Under brand’s umbrella jeans became out of reach and Prada made jeans as expensive as 400 dollars per piece.

But in this article we will outline only affordable jeans for men 2018 so everyone can afford and enjoy. These are the trending jeans for men 2018. Hope you like them

Abercrombie and Fitch Remsen:

This company is a big no no for most people due to their rough jeans. However on a side note now they have introduced slim fit jeans with no rips.В  They are okay for normal wear. They are priced at 70 dollars. These jeans are for the lazy and laid back guy. A&B designs distressed jeans.

J crew vintage slim fit:

These jeans are hand made and that’s the reason for its elevated price which is 98 dollars. However these jeans look great and beautiful with a suit, shirt or a dress shirt.


Edun is a newly founded company but its jeans are completely woven from organic materials. And it is surprising they look so terrific. It is slowly making its presence felt in the industry.


French connection United Kingdom has had a controversial business history with anger from parents for inappropriate meaning. However their jeans sure are stylish, trendy ad fashionable.

UNIQLO regular fit straight:

These jeans hail from the industrious country of Japan and clearly their jeans exudes pure class for only 20 dollars. What more do you expect?

Which to buy – Jeans for 2018:

Original blue jeans have successfully stood the test of time and are still here. Whereas the slightly faded blue jeans will do for casual wear. But you can always wear stylish black jeans for men 2018 anywhere you want whether it is party, dance party, office wear or casual wear.