Baggy jeans for men – An Outclass Invention

Baggy jeans for men

Baggy jeans for men – An Outclass Invention for Slim Guys

Baggy jeans for Men are one of the best jeans for people with a fit and vigorous body. They look stylish and cool. They are comfortable to wear. Men with a great physique can pull its looks more fashionable. They will give you a hip hop and street fashion style.

Baggy jeans have a stylish cut and style. They are a more relaxed than any other type of jeans. It sets fit around the waist and the thigh area. Some people intentionally choose baggy jeans which is one or two sizes larger than their size. They then belt them to keep them stay.

Some popular types of baggy jeans are: Super baggy or saggy jeans etc.

The reason that they are sometimes called boyfriend jeans is their loose fitting. Long in the leg and hanging low on the hips give a look as if they’ve been borrowed from a friend.

Baggy jeans for Men were tremendously popular in the 90’s. Almost all men of all age groups seemed to clinch the trend. But the exacting teenagers took this fashion trend to new heights. Also at one point, these jeans were even forbidden and banned for schools as it exposed the wearer’s underwear.

History of baggy jeans for Men:

The baggy jeans style took off its origin in the 1990s. Skateboarders and snowboarders use to wear baggy and athletic type of trousers. Also there was some influence from the prisoners. Their uniform pants use to hang low as they were required to wear their pants without belts.

Baggy jeans for men - An Outclass Invention

An Outclass Invention for Slim Guys

Also the basketball well-known star Michael Jordan and many other athletes start resisting the small fitting shorts. They started wearing baggie jeans which make them more popular.

A baggier style look was still an underground trend. It took strong influence in fashion when hip-hop achieved a majority audience in the late 1990s. Youngsters started buying jeans in bigger sizes. The baggy jeans finally hit the fashion and this how the baggy jean style became extreme.

Tips to Wear and style Baggy Jeans for Men:

Jeans with a straight leg cut suits everyone. However baggy jeans for men works with your looks, depends on your body shape and height. They are comfortable and very easy to wear. They can also be dressed up or down for many different events and occasions. Here are some ideas and guidelines that will help you rock this trend and look cool and confident:

Baggy jeans for men – An Outclass Invention for Slim Guys

  • First get a stylish pair of baggy jeans and a good belt of your choice.
    • Get a baggy jean of your exact waist, size and measurements.
    • You can do it yourself by using a body measuring tape.
    • You can also ask a salesperson to take your measurements at any denim store.
    • To get baggy look don’t buy oversized jeans that is bigger than your size.
    • All branded denim offer baggy jeans that fit at your waist. But it flares down to give a baggy style.
    • Don’t try to hang down your jeans all the way to your knees exposing your underwear.
    • Get a stylish belt if you extremely want to wear an oversized jean.
    • Your baggy jeans should give you an edgy and street-wise look not the indecent exposure.
    • Pair your baggy jeans with.
    • The casual look of baggy jeans would not look cool. It will look awkward with classy dress shoes. So pair it with fashionable sneakers to channel that chic, urban style.
    • You can also try it with sandals, during the temperate summer months.
    • For tops you can choose to wear from:
  1. T-shirt.
  2. Polo.
  3. Sweatshirt.
  4. Hoodie.
  • Make sure to give an overall casual effect to your entire outfit.
  • For accessories, go for a baseball cap or beanie.
  • You can also roll up the cuffs of your baggy jeans over your ankles.
  • Go for a tighter-fitting t-shirt. It will balance out the loose-fitting of jeans.
  • A plain, white T-shirt looks effortlessly stylish at day time.
  • For evening look try to wear a shirt with a ruffle front it will look eye-catching.
  • Add a nice stylish leather belt to stop the jeans from falling too low. It will add more detail to the waist and hip area.
  • You can also wear a fitted jacket. It will balance out the loose fitting below.
  • Men who are fat or overweight should avoid wearing it. Baggy jeans for men will make them look even heavier.
  • Try to wear baggy jeans to a party or on a day out with friends. It will look pretty awesome and stylish.
  • Avoid wearing baggy jeans for men to work place or meetings. It will not give a good impact. Your boss and co-workers will not appreciate.

An Outclass Invention for Slim Guys

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