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Winter health tips for Men and Women – Stay Active

Winter health tips for Men and Women

Winter health tips.

Today we will talk on winter health tips for Men and women.

In winter season, the sunsetВ occurs earlier than usual and the atmosphere fills with frowziness. People spend little time outside that is being active where as more time inside busy having starchy, sugary foods etc.

But the fact is, this hibernating instinct rather than keeping us healthy makes our immune system weak thus allowing colds, cough and flues to get hold. So here we have certain important and very useful winter health tips and things to keep you and your energy up by keeping your immune system strong and body healthy for the whole winter season.

Winter health tips for Men and Women to stay healthy during winter season:

Here’s we have some great tips for you to strengthen and improve well your body’s immune system all during this winter season:

Drink ample of water:

  • In winter season it’s really important to drink the right and optimal amount of water.
  • It is beneficial and advantageous in many ways for health.

Keep away stress – Winter Health tips:

  • Studies have proved that too much stress can make a person more liable and at risk to catch infections like colds and flu etc.
  • Minimize stress by doing work for reasonable hours at job only.
  • Go out for at least once in a week to spend some time with friends, cousins, family etc.
  • Also spend some time in doing your hobby.
  • Go for outing, play games and take part in recreational activities.
  • Avoid your stressors.
  • Take adequate sleep and rest to keep you relax.

Eat a healthy diet:

  • Maintain a good and healthy diet.
  • It should be full of fresh fruits and green vegetables.
  • It should contain minimal quantity of organic meats.
  • It is an ideal way to keep body clean.
  • It keeps body in good working order and condition.
  • Try to eat some extra fruit or veggie.
  • Eat dry fruits in adequate amount.
  • Consult your doctor and take any supplements if required in apt and prescribed amount for health.

Exercise regularly:

  • It is important and beneficial to do exercise daily and regularly.
  • Do it only for 15-30 minutes a day.
  • A short brisk walk is enjoyable as well as beneficial in cool weather.

Take appropriate sleep:

  • Get right amount that is 6-8 hours of sleep every night.
  • The doctors said that an average person needs at least 4 hours of sleep but that will not be enough. So sleep at least 6-8 hours per night.
  • If you won’t take enough rest and sleep, you may become susceptible to illness.
  • Sleep is like a fuel that helps to recharge our body battery.
  • It keeps the mind active and body machine running.

Wash hands regularly:

  • Wash your hands always before eating.
  • Keep them clean and clear from bacteria and viruses in order to keep them out of your eyes, mouth etc.
  • Wash hands a good anti-bacterial soap or hand wash.
  • Always keep a hand sanitizer with yourself.

Don’t smoke:

  • Smoking in any age and season in life is not beneficial for our body.
  • So quit smoking or at least lessen the amount of smoking.
  • Smoking destroys and weakens your immune system.
  • For quitting smoking there are also some nutritional recommendations and supplements that can help to quit.

Try eliminating all forms of sugar:

  • Eliminate as much sugar as you can like sweets, cake, cookies etc.
  • Also reduce other forms of sugars that come from foods like bread, rice, pasta, yogurt and artificial fruit juices etc.
  • These things in body convert into sugar, which can affect immune system negatively.

Take garlic – winter health tips:

  • Add garlic in your diet.
  • The garlic has sulfur-containing compounds which help to increase potency of 2 cells of body immune system that are very important namely:
    • T-lymphocytes.
    • Macrophages.
    • These help in fighting flu and colds etc.
    • You can add raw or cooked garlic in your diet it will help immune-system to boost.

Other important Winter health tips for Men and Women:

Other important tips that are helpful in body recover and boosting health are:

  • Reduce extra dairy products.
  • Eliminate alcohol at all.
  • Try eliminating or reducing grains like bread, rice and pasta etc.
  • Increase Vitamin C intake.
  • Boost intake of Zinc.
  • Increase your water consumption more than normal.
  • Eat less than normal to give body some rest from digestion so that it can concentrate more on fighting and preventing off the potential invaders.
  • Take more rest and sleep than normal. If normally take 6-7 hours of sleep, increase it to 8 hours.

So these are some of the basic and simple winter health tips to follow to strengthen body’s immune system. This will help you to stay active and healthy all during the winter season.