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Unconventional methods of not gaining extra weight:

Gaining extra weight

Unconventional methods of not gaining extra weight.

“Precaution is always better than cure”. You know, gaining weight is very easy; however, reducing it is the real challenge. Instead of going for the same deit plan and activities, what you really require is to change your mindset. Because if you look the people around you, most of them will be fond of using the old conventional methods of controlling their weight gain like, changing their eating habits, avoiding fats, eating raw veggies, going for a healthy fruit diet, drinking fresh juices and so on. However, with the advancement of technology, you are also required to perform some unconventional methods in order to avoid extra weight gain. Because as far as conventional methods of not gaining weight are concerned, they require you to follow a toughy kind of diet plan, and a hectic fitness routine, which is surely, in most of the cases, is impossible to follow. So here in this guide we have come up with some unconventional methods of not gaining extra weight, which can help you retain a good body shape.

Unconventional methods of not gaining extra weight:

  • Breakup:

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Do breakup with those foods which increases your weight. Breakup with mayonnaise, peanuts butter, cheese and foods made of such kinds of stuff, but one by one, not all of a sudden. Like, first breakup with chocolates and sweets. Then go for fats and then other such foods which increases you weight.

  • Copy the NTP:

Unconventional methods of not gaining extra weight.

Copy naturally thin person, because watching and copying the habits of thin person helps you to reduce weight. How? Let suppose if you are watching a person who is naturally thin or on diet ate half of a chocolate and placed the remaining in refrigerator for later eating or for next day. Copy that, because this habit will reduce your extra eating routine. And of course this habit will cut your food by half.

On the other side, observe that person’s eating habbit, i.e. which foods he prefers and what kind of workouts he usually do.

  • Comfortable shoes:

Unconventional methods of not gaining extra weight.

Wear comfortable shoes and make your habit to walk as much as you can. Like, climb up stairs when on call. Walk when you are alone in garden, walk whenever you get chance. Comfortable shoes will not become hurdle in making your habit of walking all the day out. Walking will help you burn extra calories as soon as you take in. So there would be no chance of weight gain.

  • Wear comfortable clothe:


Make your habit of wearing exercise clothes even when you are not exercising. Wear exercise outfit when you are not on work, as it would help you feel flexible and comfortable in walking and working bristly even if you are doing your personal work at home like cooking or washing.

  • Throw away bad foods and keep the right one:

Unconventional methods of not gaining extra weight.

Eave no place for chocolates or sweets and other bad foods like cheese mayonnaise and other foods that contain fats and carbohydrates. Throw them out of your home so that you may not have approach to them and you may help yourself to develop a habit to live without them.

  • Stop tempting yourself:

Unconventional methods of not gaining extra weight.

Avoid watching cooking channels and restaurants advertisements that compel you towards eating and drinking unhealthy foods. Keep cooking magazines and all such stuff away from your approach if you really want to avoid gaining of weight.

  • Make your plane public:

Tell your friends and people around you that you have no interest in sweets, butter, cheese or foods containing them. Tell them that you do not love such foods. So that they may avoid indulging you in such parties or offer, which may compel your inner self to eat these foods. So make your intention of avoiding gaining of weight public.