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How to prevent sweat – Be high in confidence

How to prevent sweating

How to prevent sweat

Sweating after exercise at gym feels awesome, but sweating in office before a meeting or when going out on date? Well not so much. It’s normal if you are all drenched in sweat when you are working out or at a summer barbecue, but if you are out on a romantic dinner with your girl or if you are shaking sopping hands with someone trust me it can be extremely humiliating for you. If you are a sufferer of a medical condition known as hyperhidrosis and you sweat five to six times more than usual, than again trust me it’s embarrassing. So here in this guide we shall let you know how to prevent sweating and refain from bad smell.

If you are going through the same, implement this guide and feel confident with little to no sweat problem.

How to prevent sweating – Be high in confidence with these 5 home remedies:

So if you have big date or important meeting coming then I think you should definitely go through these tips so you can get a control of your sweating problem.

  • Use less spicy food and caffeine:

If you are a coffee lover or love spicy food like flaming wings than you should know this that though these food items will make your taste buds happy at the same they can stimulate your sweat glands, which can really be uncomfortable for you.

A certified dermatologist Kelly Redbord who practices privately in Vienna says that, “Spices and caffeine can trigger neuro transmitters, known as acetylcholine, which are positioned in your brain.”

  • Use an antiperspirant in the afternoon:

Production of sweat is at its lowest at night-time providing a better chance to the active ingredients in antiperspirants a better way to go deep into your pore and block perspiration in morning, so apply a deo-stick at night time before bed and you can reapply it in the morning, if you are worried that it might get washed in shower.

  • Pits are not the only body part that sweats:

Your body has other parts which sweat glands too other than pits, like your face, hands, chest, groin and even feet have sweating glands. An average person has 2-4 million sweat glands present in their body so the coolant system of the body keeps working and prevents it from overheating. Spraying antiperspirants on these areas can help you stay dry but don’t apply antiperspirants on sensitive areas like face.

  • Dove or secret:

Did you know this that clinical strength antiperspirants are far more effective rather than normal antiperspirants at stopping sweat. Clinical strength antiperspirants have great concentrations of active ingredients in them. The best thing is that brands like dove and secret produce clinical strength sprays which you can easily buy from any local store without doctor’s recommendation.

  • Sweating more than normal time to see a doc:

The outside temperature is hot or you just had a tiring workout or you are stressed because you have a job interview- all this can make you sweat. If you sweat a lot when you are in stressful circumstance like when you have a presentation, then it’s time that you should visit a doctor who can suggest some treatment for your problem or put you on medications which can decrease sweating problem.

How to prevent sweat smell will now be a piece of cake for you. If you still suffer from the same problem again and again, feel free to comment, may be we can provide you with a better solution.