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Home remedies for grey hair – How to get rid of them?

Home remedies for grey hair

Grey hair is one of the widely experience issue yet have a solution. If you are distressed because of the same issue, don’t worry, we have a set of home remedies for В that offer a perfect way out of it. Here is a concoction for some internal along with external treatments.

Basically, the real cause of gray hair is a lack of essential nutrients, including a group of vitamin i.e. A and B vitamins, in addition to minerals such as zinc, copper and iron. Especially the mineral required for pigmentation is copper that is needed to maintain the maintain the overall health of the artery walls and may lead to dire circumstances.

Home remedies for grey hair – How to get rid of them?

Home remedies for grey hair – How to get rid of them?

First step towards the treatment taking some good liquidВ colloidal mineral supplements that are applied on the hair. These are contained with some of the essential minerals that the body needs in an immensely absorbable form. In addition to this, you may also require some more copper in colloidal form that may help counteract the grey hair.

One can also take black strap molasses, that is one of the rich and the essential vitamins and minerals, in combination with the very potent Fo-ti herb,В that is one of the herbs and best source for quick regain of black hair.

With this, some of the other things that may help to get your black hair back includes wheat, cereal with various minerals as zinc, copper, iron and should be added with many other supplements used on a daily basis.

Here, below you may find quick solution to grey hair.

  • Topical solution for grey hair:

Many may optfor artificial colors that may color your hair for some time, but then leave with the same issue, so here are some of the solutions that may be utilized as topical applications and a way out ofgrey hair.

  • Mix some Onion juice with LemonВ Juice:

Onion juice is well known for the enzyme catalase action and famously used for centuries as one of the sounds a topical treatment and one of the high recommendations of the herbalists as the catalase enzyme found to neutralize hydrogen peroxide and successfully converses the grey hair.

Thus, rubbing onions and its juice over hair, after missing it with the lemon juice, offers one of the greatest remedy to grey hair. With this the addition of grass and barley grass that also entail rich source of catalase can be rubbed on scalp for best results.

  • Henna one of the natural solutions to grey hair:

Henna is one of the traditional ways of getting over with grey hair. To make it more useful, it is preferred to mix it with some other ingredients as castor oil and lemon juice till it makes a frothy mixture and only then add some henna into it.

Apply the above mentioned mixture over hair and scalp and leave foe an hour or so before you wash it off.

  • Mixture of Rosemary and Sage:В 

To get this solution, Take about half cup of rosemary and equal quantity of sage and boil in water and let it cool for half an hour. Finally, apply it on hair and rinse it off with shampoo and keepВ repeating the process till the grey hair are gone.

So avoid harmful chemicals and follow any one of the above listedВ home remedies for grey hair toВ get rid of your grey hairs once in for all.