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Healthy benefits of drinking eight glasses of water a day:

Eight glasses of water

Drinking Eight Glasses of Water.

“Water is life” This proverb is best for defining the importance of water. Beside oxygen for breathing, the 2nd most important thing for your survival is water. Your body contain up to 60% water. Your cells and their functions like metabolism and cell’s personal functions of making different compounds, functions of organs like function of kidney, stomach like digestion excretion etc. all are based on the presence of water. Without which, no, any chemical reaction can be carried out. Even your skin needs a lot of water to stay moisturized and lively. That’s why medical dermatologists as well as general physicians of medicines recommend drinking at least Eight glasses of water daily.

Healthy benefits of drinking eight glasses of water a day:

  • Energize you and relieve fatigue:

Drinking Eight Glasses of Water.

Your brain needs a lot of water to work all the time. You have drink at least 8 glass of water because water reduce your brain fatigue and increase its effiency to work more and to let you concentrate more. Your whole body depends on your brain efficiency if your brain is tired and fatigued then your body can’t perform well. You feel down tired and sleepy when you do not drink the amount ofВ water required.

  • Helps in weight reduction:


Water helps you in reducing your weight. It removes the byproducts of fats remaining in your stomach. It reduces your hunger by filling up your tummy. It increases burning of your fats by increasing your metabolic rate. The most important thing about water is that it has no calories.

  • Improves your skin:

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Water HYDRATES YOUR SKIN and removes wrinkles. It improves sweating which help in removing dust and pollution particles from your skin. Water also helps in improving your complexion by removing all impurities.

  • Maintains body regularity:

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Water helps in maintaining your body functions. Water increases your digestion, reduce acidity, and increase bowel movement by decreasing constipation.

  • Prevent cramps:

Drinking Eight Glasses of Water.

Your muscles and joints have lubrication in them. Without lubrication they cause friction and pain gets start due to this very issue. So drinking plenty of water is must as it increases lubrication in your muscles and joints. This lubrication reduces friction and pain during muscle movement.

  • Improves your mood:

Drinking Eight Glasses of Water.

Good hydration in your body improves you mood and help you AVOID ANGER. Your mood depends on the good and maintained functions of your body and brain. All your body functions depend on water. So drinking water improves your body functions and soothes your mind. Calm mental situation makes your active and help you to concentrate on your work. So there is no other alternateВ of water because without water your body can’t function properly. So water is an essential component for your body as well as for your healthy life.

  • Some otherВ benefits:

Drinking Eight Glasses of Water.

Water removes toxins from your body and maintain your body heat and balances your hydration level. On the other hand it also helps in preventing kidney stones by increasing urination.

  • It also increase sweating, which then IMPROVES YOUR SKIN, afterwards.
  • Water improves your immune system. alsoВ prevents your body from diseases like cancer, flu and many other ailments.
  • Problems likeВ head ache, migraine and back pain are usually the result of dehydration. The reason why you sometimes feel dizzy, down and slow is because ofВ lack of water intake. Drinking plenty of water helps you to stay active and alive. It also reduces fatigue and migraine.