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Bodybuilding exercises for men include:

Bodybuilding exercises for men include:

Bodybuilding exercises for men

Bodybuilding exercises for men

There is no doubt about that, we (men) care about our body more than anything else in this world. Because, a perfectly built body is the only way to increase our charisma and have a good personality among all. And there is no doubt when it comes to judge someone as far as this modern era, we judge someone by his good looks rather than his intellectual skills. Thus, we men should know this fact, and workout in order to improve our biceps and other body parts for better looks. Here in this guide we are going to discuss what bodybuilding exercises men should do in order to achieve a perfectly built body and improve your fitness routine.

Bodybuilding exercises for men include:

Building a perfect body is not so easy rather it’s difficult and time consuming. So the first thing you should do is to spare a good amount of time and devote it for your body and follow the below given guidelines.

  • Fast Track to Bigger Muscles:

Fast Track.

This exercise makes you sweat more. So if you are willing to tolerate excess sweating then do these exercise twice a week. This exercise is very hard to do. If you are active then you can do this or if you are not active you should consult your doctor and tell him about your weekness.

  • Bigger Arms: Hammer Curl:

Bodybuilding exercises for men

For an improved and very good looking build biceps and shoulders you should start with hammer curls. Hold the dumbbells in a position so they face your thighs and now inhale and slowly curve your arms so that the dumbbells face your shoulders. Now exhale and slowly the dumbbells down. Keep doing this exercise daily to improve your bicep muscles.

  • Preacher Curl:

Preacher Curl.

This exercise also improve your biceps muscles to an incredible level. Hold dumbbells and rest the bake of your arm on any support or pad and slowly move the dumbbells in upward direction and then move down. If you are feeling uncomfortable in doing this then consult your trainer to tell you the way to do it.

  • Triceps Pushdown:

Triceps Pushdown.

For the triceps muscles building. Hold the handle of triceps push down with your palms facing down and hands having the distance of six inches. Slowly move the handle down and then upward. Repeat this exercise to build your triceps muscles.

  • Bench Press:

Bodybuilding exercises for men

This is the best exercise to improve your chest muscles. Hold the bar and slowly move it down until it slight touches your chest and then raise it again. Ask your trainer to suggest you the reasonable weight for you.

  • Front raise and lateral raise:

Front raise and lateral raise.

Hold the dumbbells and raise your arms straight in front of your while directing your palms in downward position. This exercise really works for your biceps and triceps muscles building.

  • Leg Press:

Leg Press.

A mostly guy ignores their lower body and looks odd. If you do not want to be that guy then improve your leg muscles also. Leg press exercise will help you to achieve this aim. Place your feet on the plates of leg press machine. Slightly push the plates until your legs gets straighten then slowly release them.

These are some important men body building exercises a man should do to build his body in an attractive way.