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Rock your curly hair – Its now or never

Rock your curly hair:

Rock your curly hair – It’s now or never.

Those men with curls, kinks and waves in hair are having a matchless gift from nature. These curls can give you more style than any other hair style can do. Many men think that they have worse hair when it comes to style them. Yes, I agree, that it’s little tricky to style curly, kinky and wavy hair but it’s not that difficult and frustrating. OnceВ they are styled properly, they give the best hair style ever.

So don’t curse your curly hair, just try a bit to rock them. They are a natural gift; they make you look cool without using hair styling tools. Then why to get frustrated while styling them? Curly hair can easily settle down with proper care, techniques, hair products if properly taken care. Here is a handy guide for you about how to style your rocking curly hair.

Rock your curly hair – It’s now or never:


Men hairstyling tips.

There are some important techniques to make your hair look rocking after styling. Do remember to apply your hair products when your hair is damp but not wet. Just shake off excess water from your hair and remove remaining water by twisting them in towel. Now you can apply your hair product as they are ready for styling. Many guys take it wrong and they apply hair product for styling on dry hair which get even worse and difficult to manage. Another important tip is that don’t ever try to blow dry your curls as they take the shape of sparrow’s nest after blow dry.

Important hair product:

  • Oil conditioner:

Rock your curly hair – It’s now or never.

Unlike normal straight and nourished hair, curly hair is frizzy and dry and they need some nourishment before getting dry. Applying oil conditioner after wash keeps moisture inside and keeps your scalp and hair nourished and tamed.

  • Pomade:

Men hair products.

Pomade is another best hair product for curly hair. This is good for giving defined and separate look to your curls. They also give shine to your curls. If you are not using pomade on daily basis then that’s okay but you must keep it for special events and evenings when you have to look rocking with your rocking curls.

  • Hair sprays:

Rock your curly hair – It’s now or never.

Mistakenly guys use blow dry to set down their curls whichВ evenВ worsens the situation. Instead of blow drying your hair you have to use hair spray to set them down on place.

  • Shampoo:

Rock your curly hair – It’s now or never.

Use a very fine and gentle shampoo on your curls. Keep in mind that curls are already frizzy and dry so don’t wash them daily. Instead wash them after every two or three days with moisturized shampoo for dry hair. Another important tip is that don’t use hair brush on your curls as hair brush make them more blown, dry and frizzy. Try to settle them with your fingers or you can use a comb with wider tooth.

Best curly hairstyles:

  • Long curls cut:

Men fashion haircut.

This hair style is for those guys who are having long thick and dense curly hair. Long cut give you very cool and sleek look if properly settled down with proper application of hair product.

  • Sophisticated short hair curls:

Rock your curly hair – It’s now or never.

This hair style is for those who have short hair curls and want a very neat and clean hair style. The best part of this hair style is that it takes hardly a minute to make. A little of gel and hair spray can help you to achieve this hairstyle easily.

  • Defined curls:

Rock your curly hair – It’s now or never.

This hair style is also very easy to achieve. Few drops of serum or pomade can help you to achieve very defined and shining curls in no time.

Your curls are beautiful they just need little of your attention to look cool and dashing.