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How to style hairs like a runway fashion model – Men:

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Styling like a model means to copy the model you like and try to look at your very best. But it’s not that easy. You have to carry yourself in a good way for that. As far as this contemporary world is concerned, now days many us like to replicate runway model hairstyles in order to look glamorous among others. But there are a few dressing tips which we should keep in mind before doing so. Remember, tough it seems like models are GOD gifted and have to do nothing to maintain themselves, but that’s not true, they have to work really hard in order to carry themselves in a better way. And it’s not something easy to do. You have to strive hard and select one suitable haircut according to your personality and facial features. Here in this guide we are going to discuss how to style hairs like a runway model and what are the most popular runway hairstyles for 2014.

How to style hairs like a runway fashion model – Men:

  • Pompadour Hairstyle for Men:

How to style hairs like a runway fashion model - Men: - MenfashPompadour hairstyle for men.

It is one of classy and old fashioned hairstyle for men but still runway fashion models used to carry it in distinguish manner. In this hairstyle, you need to comb your top hairs in upward direction whereas, back and side hairs need to be cropped little shorter. Pompadour hairstyle for men requires classic slick and wet looks. This hairstyle is best for men having long and round face shape. Youngsters can get mature and model look by adopting this hairstyle.

  • Brushed Back Look, Famous Runway model hairstyle:

How to style hairs like a runway fashion model – Men.

You might be getting confused from the name but it is one of famous hairstyles, runway fashion models used to have. For this hairstyle, your hairs should be 2 inch long to appear flat. Men having thicker hairs need to be longer from the front. To make this hairstyle, you can use hair spray and gel on your hairs. Well, your hair needs to be wet for this hairstyle so you can easily comb your hairs in the backward direction. Moreover, hairs used to be cropped shorter from sides in order to slicked hair above the head. Men having long and square face shape look adorable and glamorous in this hairstyle just like a runway fashion model.

  • Brushed Forward Hairstyle for Men:

brushed forward men fashion haircut.

Hair brushed forwarded hairstyle required to be slightly shorter than the above hairstyle. In this hairstyle, your eyes do not cover with your front hairs. This hairstyle offer you an opportunity to carry your hairs in any length you want to. You can use gel, mousse and hair spray to style your hairs. On the other hand, if your hairs are short from sides then use gel only on the front hairs to make this style. In short, this hairstyle is best for men of every age group to get runway fashion model appearance.

  • Comb over hairstyle for Men:

How to style hairs like a runway fashion model – Men.

Last but not least, for a runway fashion model appearance take comb over hairstyle. In this hairstyle, men need to use gel to set their hairs. Men can make this style by combing their top hairs of the head and side combing using hair spray. This hairstyle is best for men having round and square face shape. So get a runway fashion model without visiting saloon and wasting money.