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How to Pick a hairstyle for men ? – 6 Easy Steps

How to Pick a Hairstyle for Men

Topic: How to pick a hairstyle for Men.

How to pick a hairstyle for Men.

What type of hairstyle do you want? This is the question many dread answering. There are two reasons for it, either you have completely no idea what type of hairstyle will suit you or you are afraid that the hairstyle you wish to have would not look good on your face shape. Whatever the reason may be, here are some basic tips and tricksВ  to learn about your face shape and what hair cut would look good on it.


First fins the inspiration for the hairstyle. For inspiration you have to go through different fashion magazines for latest celebrity hairstyles or your surroundings to see what cut looks good on what type of face.

Bringing the picture of the hair cuts to the salon is way better than defining what type of haircut you want in tongues. The hair stylists find it very easy to see the picture of the hair cut. They can then discuss furthermore about the hairstyle with you. They can also find it easy to tell if the particular hairstyle will look good on your face or not.

Factors before Choosing the Right Hairstyle for Yourself:

Below are listed some of the factors to consider before choosing the right hairstyle for yourself.

How to pick a hairstyle for Men ? – 6 Easy steps:

1.В В В В В В  Maintenance:

Maintaining a hairstyle is the first thing you should consider before choosing any hair style. If you get the spikes hairstyle for yourself, will you be able to apply gel every time you go out or not? A hairstyle with lots of maintenance is not a good choice for carefree and rough and tough guys.

2.В В В В В В  Equipment:

Using equipment like hair dryer, straightener and tongs will have a very dangerous effect on the hair of men. Men have a tendency to lose hair and become bald whether they have this problem in their family or not. Think about this fact while choosing a high maintenance hair style.

3.В В В В В В  Time:

Are you willing to give enough time to style your hairstyle? Ask this question to yourself if you want a hairstyle that needs a lot of time to get ready.

4.В В В В В В  Product:

Spending on the right product needs a proper budget. Are you able to spend on high quality products to apply on your hair or not is the factor which should be seriously considered while going for the particular hairstyle.

5.В В В В В В  Job:

Your hairstyle should be according to your job. It should be practical enough that when you go to your work, it should look proper. There are certain rules and regulations in the offices, go through them before you go for new hairstyles.

In military for example, the army officers have to keep their hair very short.

6. В  В  В Personal Style:

What is your personal style or what is your personality? This question requires a practical view of yours. The type of clothing you do will define what type of hairstyle would suit you. If your personality is funky, then you can carry a funky hairstyle easily but if your personality is not funky at all, then do not dare going for a funky hairstyle because you would not feel comfortable in it.

These were some of the factors or questions to keep in mind while you go for a new hairstyle. Going for a celebrity look is not a bad idea, but you should be practical and consider the above-mentioned factors first. Hope this guide “How to pick a hairstyle for men” wort fruitful to you.