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Why does hair fall out? – The Popular Question

Why does hair fall out?

Why does hair fall out – The Popular Question

Today we will talk on “why does hair fall out”? The popular question that is being asked nowadays.

Throughout our lives our hair goes through a growth cycle that is natural. After every few years of time intervals our hair follicles shed their hairs causing hair fall. As we age and get older this shedding of hair follicles increases in number. This results in thinning of hair. For women, the process of hair fall begins around at the age of 40.

There are so many reasons that contribute in hair fall. Some are internal and some are external as well. Some of the causes of hair fall are within our control where as others aren’t.

Hair damage is also a reason that contributes to hair fall. You may also notice hair fall while styling your hair. There are thus various reasons for which hair can fall out for. Here are some of the key causes responsible for why does hair fall out?

  • Deficiency of Nutrients and Mineral.
  • Sickness and Medicinal Treatments.
  • Hormonal changes.
  • Low blood circulation.
  • Genetics.

Let’s discuss some of these key causes in detail – Why does Hair fall out?

Deficiency of Nutrients and Mineral:

  • Mineral deficiencies can also bring about hair loss.
  • The degrees of hair loss may be milder or moderate or severe.
  • Zinc is an essential mineral. It is helpful in wound healing. Good for immune system and for protein synthesis.
  • Without proper intake of Zinc the body is at risk.
  • Due to Zinc deficiencies following there are following health risk:

1)В В В В В  Mental lethargy.

2)В В В В В  Diarrhea.

3)В В В В В  Weight loss.

4)В В В В В  Hair loss.

  • Hair loss due to Zinc deficiency occurs because of slowed protein synthesis. It is necessary for follicular growth and strength.
  • Second mineral whose shortage or deficiency in body can also cause hair loss is iron.
  • If diet lacks iron and protein it will result in hair loss.
  • Daily intake of zinc recommended is:

1)В В В В В  8 mg for women.

2)В В В В В  11 mg for men.

Sickness and Medicinal Treatments:

  • Some medicines can also cause hair loss.
  • This kind of hair loss recovers when in taking of the medicine is stopped.
  • Medicines responsible for hair loss include:

1)В В В В В  Blood thinners (anticoagulants).

2)В В В В В  Blood-pressure lowering.

3)В В В В В  Oral-pills.

4)В В В В В  Medicines used for gout.

5)В В В В В  Medicines used in chemotherapy.

6)В В В В В  Vitamin A (too much in taken).

7)В В В В В  Birth control pills.

8)В В В В В  Antidepressants.

  • An illness or a major surgery can also cause excessive hair loss.
  • It can also temporarily close down the hair growth.
  • Sufferer suddenly may lose a large quantity of hair.
  • This hair loss is associated to the stress of the illness. It is temporary.
  • Pulling of hair too hard may also cause hair loss.

Hormonal changes:

  • Any occurrence that causes severe shifts in hormones may direct to gradual hair loss.
  • Most women experience hair fall during menopause.
  • In some women hair loss occurs after pregnancy.
  • These types of hair loss are common. They usually not indicate any serious medical condition.
  • The reason is dramatic hormonal shifts.
  • These types of hair loss can be improved by achieving hormonal equilibrium.
  • (HRT) hormonal replacement therapy is proved useful in balancing hormone.
    • Hormonal problems may also cause hair loss such as thyroid.
    • If the thyroid gland is under over active it may cause hair to fall out.
    • This hair loss can be treated with the treatment of the disease.
    • Hair loss may also take place if male or female hormones are out of balance such as androgens and estrogens.
    • Correcting hormone imbalance can help toВ stop hair loss.

Some Other factors for – Why does hair fall out?

These are few most influential reasons for hair loss. Other factors that can influence hair loss are:

  • Certain infections can also cause hair loss such asВ fungal infections on the scalp. The infection cab thus is treated with using antifungal medicines.
  • Use of too much hair dye or color can cause hair to fall.
  • Chemical treatments given to hair like rebounding for hair straightening etc make hair weak and cause them to fall.
  • Another factor for hair loss is too much use of hair products and shampooing. Using wrong and severe types of shampoo and other hair products cause hair to fall. Commercial shampoos and products contain chemicals that lead to baldness.

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