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Things you should do after hair transplant

Things you should do after hair transplant:

Things you should do after hair transplant.

A new era of technology has unearthed and unfolded many unexpected things that have unconsciously compelled many to adopt and take benefit from these new inventions and discoveries. The biotechnology has touched the apex of the sky in terms of making masses lives easier and luxurious currently. In the sphere of biotechnology, surgery of anything that was impossible in our ancestral period has now become possible. However, what one should do after a surgery period is known to few people. Lack of awareness leads many people in a problematic situation. That’s why, today I am going to tell you things you should do after hair transplant.

Things you should do after hair transplant:

After surgery instruction and a procedure is also known as the post-operative instructions. As we know that it is a very delicate process so, it needs much care after surgery. if you will stick to the words of instructions you will be recover from the swelling and after surgery pain quickly. Otherwise, a slight mishandling can lead to the deterioration of the whole process. You also know that it is an expensive yet risky surgery so, utmost care is essential. There are some points which I am going to explain to you as this is my responsibility and as soon as I will finish it, it is your duty to follow these.

  1. You will be having a hair spray bottle and a bottle of distilled water which you will have to use on the first morning when you will wake up.
  2. You are required to sleep on an elevated pillow to make your head position straight. Sometimes, patients have much swelling and pain so doctors give them pain killers. However, swelling will leave you with the passage of time.
  3. You might also feel itching on your head scalp after some time, meaning, that you are recovering and your hair will start to grow in a very healthy manner. However, do not touch your head scalp because a little scratch of your nail can cause infection to newly transplanted hair.
  4. On the first morning, you will have to wash your head three times at regular interval as prescribed by the doctor. Do not use any shampoo and conditioner but use the hairspray that has given to you when you discharged.
  5. Remember, you will have to use the hair spray and sterile water to your transplanted area. The water helps your hair to grow fast. Do not use any lotion or gel onto your hair and avoid soap as well because soap contains hard chemicals to cut down the layer of dust particle and sebum.
  6. Avoid leaving home. Take leave from your office unless you get healthy again and most probably it will take a week at least. Nevertheless, there are some patients whose skin is sensitive so they may take some more time to recover. In this whole period, you can cover your head with a cap so that your new hair cannot encounter dust particles.

In a nutshell, it is a valuable piece of advice to you to take care of your hair and follow all the post-operative instructions if you want to recover soon. And how many of you will not want to recover soon? Hope you will follow the guidelines and will be benefited from these.